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September 22, 2008


Orphaned hare raised in woman's bra


(Thanks to Heather)


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Was Brad in the other cup?

My Angie, you've put on a few pounds.

NTTAWWT, of course.

mom, is that a hare on your chest?

She thought the dead hare was pretty...so she started gutting it. I'll bet her kids are praying she thinks they are ugly.

that story got more and more disgusting the farther i read-- i couldn't finish it. thank god for publix!

He will be playing the part of the Hare.

"Hey, Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my bra!"

"Yo, Adrian, OK. Show me what you got."

*waves to nora!!!* Nice meeting ya and your boys!

She'll just love it and feed it and watch it grow and then gut it for dinner. Too sweet.

Hmmm a rabbit raised in what appeared to be a kangaroo pouch....

But if the hare ever finds out what happened to her birthmom, I think it might cause some strife in the family.

This cannot end well...

Define 'woman.'

"womb raider"?

or maybe "Miracle on 34DD Treats"?

One baby rabbit? Is that a record?

Of course, she's the one who orphaned the poor hare in the first place.

Amateur. Punkin could raise a whole litter of rabbits in HER bra.

Siouxie - I think she has and didn't even realize it.

So no one will comment on this hare-raising tale?

klez, you read my mind. I was gonna say I've had some hare-raising experiences with bras myself.

Judging by the look on that woman's face, even baby hare should worry about getting eaten.

Any Bugs Bunny fan would know that she could have easily revived the mother with Hare Restorer

The moral of the story: hare today, lunch tomorrow.

If the baby were religious, would it become a Hare Krishna?

But... wait... how was dinner? Served with rice? Was there sauce?


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