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September 05, 2008


We just hope no one shows this story to Walter.

(Thanks to fivver)


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That's about as organic as you can get.

That's hilarious, judi. When I read the story yesterday the first thing I thought about was Walter.


Somewhere in the Works of Dave, I recall the quote, to be delivered in an embarassed-parent-explains voice, "The woman really LIKES the zucchini."

"It's getting hard, so wouldn't be good to eat anymore..."

No comment

She looks very protective of her zucchini.


Walter, do not fret. The "boys of summer" are but a fleeting flirtation. You, Walter, are steadfast and true, year-round.

"It's so straight, it's so perfect."

If I only had a nickle...

*I*ve got a nickel. would you like me to give you a nickel?

She sounds like a very lonely, errr, lovely, woman...

There are so many double meanings in that story, it would take all day to comment on them all. So I won't even try.

Oh my.

That. is. all.

I thought this was going to be another story about some politician's mistress

"Usually, some are really crooked."

Yeah? SO! They can't all be as "perfect" as fivver.

That zucchini is very happy to see her.

My word.

5/10/5 = Before/During/After?...

"I decided I wasn't going to touch it and just let it grow."

Silly woman! Anyone knows it grows more the more you touch it!

"I went to look at it one day and was like, 'It's a little long,' then a few days later, I said, 'Oh, my God, what's this?'

I think I was about 7 at the time......

PirateBoy - about 7 in metric?

Give a woman an inch....

[--------------------------------] 7 right??


Siouxie, you are really width it today....

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