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September 30, 2008


Somebody has to burrrrrp do it.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Naturalistic Lite observations of beer drinking among college students.

And scientists noted that people hitting Dave Barry's blog tended to drink the most of all bar patrons.

I've found there is a definite observed naturalistic correlation between the amount of beer I drink and when I'm asked to leave the bar.

*staggers in*

Whaddya mean, Marg?

*passes out on floor*

I like how they worked the beer stains into Gannt charts.

After trying to keep up with the rapid-fire blog postings (.92 ounces a minute), I could use a beer to study, too.

They should sell alcohol in book stores. Really. You could meet people who are literate AND enjoy a brew. They could call it "Drinkers Within Borders."


Those drunken college kids!! GET OFF MY BAR!

Who's the Designated Observer for the blog bar?

Dang! All those years as a Participant Observer wasted...I shoulda been publishing my results.

Or at least getting paid not to.

My personal time from party arrival to first drink is about 0.05 seconds compared to coming home from work and first drink is about 15 seconds. At home, no one is handing me drinks.

0.92 oz/min. That's 15 minutes per can. Amateurs.

And women drink less beer than the guys? I'm sure the Jaeger people will want to know that.

Science belches on!

Crud! Someone stole my doctorow doggerel Ph.D. theses thesis!

Well, duhhhhhh...

I want to know who is funding this "research" because I'm going to apply for a grant to study wine drinkers.

Anyone ready to volunteer for my focus group?

I'm with Annie...I need a beer to keep up.

No s**t, Sherlock.

Sorry, I was referring to this stunning observation that they made:
"patrons drank significantly more beer when drinking in groups and when purchasing beer in pitchers versus cups or bottle"

In a related observation, researchers became significantly stupider when given grants and beer simultaneously.

Is this the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis of the Journal DUHHH!

*throws "al" ahead one post to add to the end of "Behavior" in BA's post* Most of the articles in the Lit Review of my Master's thesis came from this journal, so I THINK I should know!!

I looked at the first page of the article and found:

This research was supported by a grant from the Societal
Analysis Department of General Motors Research Laboratories.

Preparation of this report was partially funded by the
Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation of the Johns
Hopkins University School of Medicine (Grant No. 230-
1 1-1 1OC-053-918013 1).

The work was benefited by the advice and encouragement
of Walter A. Albers, Jr., and Calvin R. von Buseck of the
Societal Analysis Department, General Motors Research
Laboratories. We are grateful for the special data collection
contributions of Kay Harwood and comments on an earlier
draft of the paper by Galen Lehman.

Portions of Experiment 1 were presented at the 1984
meeting of the American Psychological Association in Toronto,
Ontario; both experiments were reviewed at the 1986
Society for Automotive Engineers International Conference
and Exposition, Detroit, Michigan.

Reprint requests should be addressed to E. Scott Geller,
Department of Psychology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061.

So...if you thought it was a little hokie...

To Frodolives (one of my favorite posters),

Sorry to correct you but it is Behavior not Behavioral. I'm on the board of editors and have published numerous articles in it. Granted several of mine also belong in the journal DUHHH! I was amused that this Geller et al. study made it into the blog.

Sorry to say,researchers became significantly stupider when given grants and beer simultaneously.

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