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September 25, 2008


If this is true, we have a LOT of questions.

(Thanks to OriginalEnigma)


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Someone please tell me where this idiot is so I can SMACK him silly???

News you can use!

If this is true, then a lot us have doing doing something wrong for a long time.

Notice how they blamed the woman's lack of enjoyment on the woman. It probably says more than a little about their technique and the size of their Walters.

So, the reason women don't enjoy sex is because they have no vagina? Or is it possible they don't like having a bag over their head while having sex and kept in a closet the rest of the time?

I've often raised them up to mythical status... (esp. when I was in my early yrs..)

um, eye think its a spoof.
ha, ha.

Uh, sure, Abdul Abdul, you're right of course.


"Prince Abdul Abdul Abdul" ri-i-i-i-ght.

Oh, excuse me. Shouldn't have had that explosive Phillie Cheesedog at the ballpark.

Siouxie, I think they're ALREADY silly. These are the guys with the pointed hats that wear dresses, after all. I'd say smack 'em stupid, but they've gone beyond that, as well.

A spoof?
Does that mean the story on the second page about Palin being a pit-bull/human hybrid is false also?

Well then, whose monologue have I been listening to?

I knew she was faking it.

It's not a real news story.

*snork* @ Cat R !!

**was going to make a snide remark about an echo, but I like you, Cat !**

This is obviously a spoof. However, some parts of that country have had a tradition of female genital mutilation, which excises the clitoris. Those women probably don't get much pleasure out of sex.

Someone has their turban wrapped a bit too tight.

Laugh. Out. Loud. Although, I am sure women over there do have a psychological aversion to sex for blatantly obvious reasons to anyone who does not live in that cuntry.

Okay, that site is hilarious!

*tosses a screaming "o" up to Margaritaville*

So not only do women fake it, so does the spoof-writer.

Maybe they are just using their own partners for the study.

Looks like South Africa's version of The Onion. Time to go throw some impala steaks on the brai.

My husband is going to be upset.

Unlike the Peoples'News or The New York Times, to get on the mailing list you MUST state your race. Could that be an S.A. thing? And there is no check-off for Human.

My error. Not S.A. but Za. (Zambia, Zaire, Zimbabwae? Help me out folks. Or not.)

This is obviously a spoof, but our Saudi "friends" wouldn't laugh, but then again, when DO they laugh?

"Clitoris was a common name for girl-children in the mid-Victorian era," said Prof. Saud, adding that it sounded quaint and "faintly reminiscent of flowers."
My grandmother's family had some pretty weird names, but Clitoris was not one of them...

Sadly, I now know my wife has GOT to be Muslim....

Abdul Abdul Abdul, also known as Abdul the Third.

I hope I'm not the only one who realized this is a fake news website? Their lead story (http://www.hayibo.com) is about godzilla.

People are spreading this around the web as "real news," though, which is troubling...

Yes, Cassa, you're the only one who gets the joke. Are you saying the Godzilla isn't real either?? Waking up tommorrow is going to be a relief for my kids. I've used Godzilla as a threat for years.

Shell, I LOVED that everyone just ignored the obvious and went with it. Sometimes you just gotta go for the humor and enjoy !

DELORIS!!!!!!! Kinda flowery, dontchya think?

BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Omigod! BWAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! *tearing eyes* You gotta be kiddi...BWAHAHAHAA!!

**takes umbrage**
Ahem. My sainted Mother's name is Dolores !

Just kidding, Layzee - "Dolores" in spanish means "pain", sorta. She always goes by her nickname, Lola ...

The .za code stands for Zuid Afrika, which is Afrikaans for South Africa

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