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September 19, 2008


(Thanks to Chris Lawson)


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When the Dick Hertz phone goes on sale, call me.

Let's see if the word porrrrrrrrrn gets stopped by the spam filterrrrrrrr....

Sound like Mr. Smith is a real Dick.


The phone. Filled with porrrrrn.

Causes involuntary aaaarrrrrrgasms whenever it rrrrrings....

And when can we get ours??

That's some crack team of investigators at the store. They have 49 photos of two naked employees and can't solve the case? Arrrrrrrrrrrr!

Dick Smith??

Farrrrrst ye heat it up. Then ye pound it.

Oh, please. Who is going to buy that I ask you?

Dick Smith in porn photos? Yes, that arrrrr make sense.

'Avast, can you har me now?'

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