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September 29, 2008


(Thanks to -- prepare to be shocked -- Siouxie)


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get? or give?

Well I'm shocked, Dave. Gobsmacked, even.

"The latest RFP builds on earlier versions of the plan that have circulated since Sitt bought the site in 2005 for $40 million."

I thought at first this was good news, but that's out of my price range.

Red Hook is definitely an up and coming neighborhood.

I definitely sat up straight upon reading that article

Brooklyn is on the cutting edge in figuring out ways to boost retail traffic.

As erotica goes, I found this story to be a little dry....

Can't quite put my finger on what's missing, but it's lacking something.

for the love of pete, don't they have an editor?

While Sitt’s company, Thor Equities, said it has not reached a deal with BJ’s and would not comment about the “request for proposals”

Surely they're getting plenty of proposals...

I just hope this deal doesn't blow up in their face.

For others, opposition was in full bloom.

(Clearly, the climax of the story)

Headline, indeed.

And I was shocked - SHOCKED! - to learn who sent this in.

Me too, Meanie.

Siouxie, apropos of nothing, but this story reminds me of last night's episode of True Blood on HBO, IYKWIM (AIKTYD).

Siouxie, what were you doing searching for hookers and BJs when you Stumbled Upon™ this?

Jeff, what does the second K in your acronym stand for? Just askin'.


I'll admit the head(heh!)line caught my attention, Mean one.

Well, that's a twist . . .

Sometimes I wonder what you people (and by that I mean, you people) are googling!

Brooklyn really does have a lot to offer.

"BJ’s Wholesale Club, a big-box store..."

Oh, man. Morning just doesn't get any better than this. I'm just hoping it's surrounded by woods.

I think Mike MacLaughlin can die a happy man, after that Headline of a Lifetime.

"Big box retail" - you'd think they'd get it ho'sale.

I like big box, I cannot lie...

I was amused by the comment box, with a TOS saying that you promise not to post sexually oriented material.

Also note the "similar stories", with headlines like "Red Hook: Hookers lining up for their BJs"

LOL @ Annie's ho'sale!

Jeff, I've never seen that show but my sister loves it.

Braniff, just doing a little retail research ;-)

I do get a proud smile on my face whenever we do go by a BJ's and my daughters snicker.

"and create — by 2011 — a 40-feet-wide public esplanade along the water’s edge of the Beard Street property next door to the recently opened Ikea."

What is an esplanada and why do I feel like I'm listening to Ricky Ricardo?

LOL Jim. I particularly like "BJ's on tap for Red Hookers"

A bit discriminating, doncha think??? What about Blue Hookers??

Schade - Ohhh Luuuuucyyyyy, ju gots son esplanadin' tu du?

I know what an empanada is.

*snork* @ Schadeboy & Siouxie - it's an overpriced yuppie dock.

The headline's just a gag, right?

Maybe they'll put one of these in.

I find that hard to swallow, Layzee.

Possibly, and you just know they'll make a BIG deal about how great it'll be to put it in there, only to have the reality not match up to the hype.

*chokesnork* @ Layzee.

Some headline writer at The Brooklyn Paper is pushing the envelope something fierce...counting this article that's at least three headlines on that theme...

*wonders whether they will lay the foundation for BJ's or if the Beard Street project will go down swingin'*

Annie...they're gonna need bigger knee pads.

I'll let you esplanade that one, Siouxie.

Um...my lips are sealed, Annie.

I've seen these arguments before. Pretty soon it turns to blows. Then someone takes a lickin'. But it'll all come out even in the end.

sealed with caulk?

*spitsnork* @ Annie & Hammie!


*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

Waves @ Hammie!

*WAVES back @ Hammie!!!*

(psssssst...Hammie see previous thread for your blowup doll wave)

*waits patiently for Hammie's wave back*

*still waiting patiently*

Huh? Whaa... Oh, sorry. *Waves @ Annie!!!*

Just in time too, Hammie. She was asking to borrow my machete.

Annie, where did you get that pic of my mom? I thought I destroyed all of those.

It was on the wall of the Red Hook post office.
*resists urge to make another BJ big box joke*

Yes, Mike is McLaughlin over that headline, I'm sure.

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