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September 25, 2008


Wisconsin Division

(Thanks to Adam Heskin)


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If you can feed your child cheese-fries from the fair, you should definitely be able to give them beer from the fair. I'm with the father on this one.

Maybe, as long as he doesn't let the boy drive home.

OK, so he shouldn't have gotten belligerent.

What kind of low-life father gives his 4 year old beer? I'll bet it wasn't even imported.

A good shot of scotch, or a nice wine I can understand, but it's bordering on child abuse to make your 4 year old drink cheap county-fair beer.

I was SO hoping you guys wouldn't find this one...

Of course, if they'd been at a Packer game the dad wouldn't have been arrested. Folks definitely WOULD slam him for spoiling the kid with that $7 Lambeau Field beer.

...it's legal for underage children to drink in Wisconsin, as long as they're with their parents.

No way! It is? Like, in the same house? Define "with". Do my parents have to be awake?

Just askin'.

Daddy, can I have some beer? No. Daddy, can I have some beer? No. Daddy, can I have some beer? No. Daddy, can I have some beer? No. Daddy, can I have some beer? No. Daddy, can I have some beer? No. Daddy, can I have some beer? No. Daddy, can I have some beer? No. Daddy, can I have some beer? No. Daddy, can I have some beer? No. Daddy, can I have some beer? No. Daddy, can I have some beer? Fine! If it will shut you up.

Police officer: "Sir, did you just give your child beer?"

I've heard that too, in quite a few states it is legal for children to drink under parental supervision.

Note that the man was not charged in relation to the alcohol directly. He was charged because he became beligerant when an officer who didn't know the law started hassling him.

Of course i always assumed those laws were so you wouldnt be a criminal if you let your kid have a sip of your wine just to see their shocked expresion when they taste it.

*sigh* You give your kids cheap beer so they won't like it! That way they develop a palate for the good stuff, like brandy and scotch...

Whew. And I thought *I* was a bad parent for letting my girls drink my boxed wine.

"Hold my beer and watch this. Oh, hi ossifer (hic)."

Hammie: Change "Daddy" to "Homer" and you have next week's "Simpsons"...

"Um, two beers please. And could you put one in a sippy cup?"

Nothing wrong with starting them out young...

I can't blame him. Have you seen the price of juiceboxes lately?

My dad would have never done that! When he could have had the beer himself.

Nice plug, Annie ;-P

Butt, seriously...Coors???

Nice article too, btw!

This is why we never ever ever can find beer in the fridge - and when they run out of that, they drink my wine !
That Dad should take note - it's an expensive habit he's gonna regret as they get older !

(psssssst, Tel?? saw your lovely photo at Wyo's blogger page!!!)

Thanks, Siouxie. Hey, what can I say about Coors - I had a coupon.

(Tele - I saw your pic, too. Too fun!)

Aw shucks, Siouxie, thanks ! Was out for a little brunchie lunchie and allowed a rare photo to be snapped. Thought you'd like to know who you're talking to !

Hey Annie - now you know who to look for when you're out and about ! Yes, it's true, I DO drink that much !!!

Tele - I'm in the Valley all the time - we will have to get together. Siouxie and the Peninsula Bloggers can't have all the fun!

It is Wisconsin and it is Oktoberfest. Seriously, it is OK in Germany.

Valley Girl Annie?? Like OMG!

Fer sure! That's like, where I totally met my BFF!

We'll definitely have to do that, Annie !

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