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September 23, 2008


(Thanks to queensbee)


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This is just awful. Why am I giggling?

Wayward Moose WBAGNFARB

Becky, hope you don't mind my saying so, but "Moose Detritus and the Damaged Vehicles" WBAevenbetterNFARB...

I'll fire up the grill!!

Near Mount Kisco???That's practically Yonkers...wow...talk about yer urban moose.

Kinda near Hillary's house...hmmm...

What was the moose wearing?

I hear Palin is good at dressing them.

You know there is a squirrel behind this.


It was wearing a pantsuit...wait a second. Maybe it wasn't a moose.

Was the pantsuit orange??


Only PALIN can save us now!!!

Did you know you can't buy a car in Sweden that flunks the moose test? The idea, see is to NOT HIT THE MOOSE. Which apparently is what Swedes do. So they have this test to see if the car survives offing a moose. Thank you for your consideration. That is all.

1) This is Hillary's jurisdiction, not Sarah's.
2) Thank you Gary for that enlightening tidbid of knowledge
3) There is no #3

Now Hillary can have moose burgers, too.

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