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September 30, 2008


School trustee cited in ketchup theft


(Thanks to Doug Brockmeier)


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Just like a tomato, this guy sounds like a fruit.

Did he steal fries with that?

Any bets on whether he says, "Daddy-o" at his arraignment?

Now how will the schools teach our kids to use condiments?

And George Carlin is back from the grave.

Just like a tomato, he should be canned.

The jury will find him guilty by snapping their fingers.

And I bet he was planning to keep the purloined condiment in the refrigerator...

If he was getting away on a bike how did the security guard catch up?

Judge: 57 days in the cooler!

Dude looks like Maynard G. Krebs in a beatnik get-up. Has Bob Denver been reincarnated as Steve Rocco?

He stole the catsup, but he couldn't cut the mustard.

--But he looks so trustworthy!

good one, Layzee, it took me at least 30 seconds to get it. or else i'm getting really, really slow in my elder years.

Annie wants to know if he's single.

He had the munchies.... baaaaaad!

Title for Photo:

Excuse me... I ordered the LARGE cappuccino!!#!

The cops grilled him like an onion. He's gonna claim "the pot roast defense."

He claimed the defense of necessity: "I was on my way home for dinner -- have you tasted my wife's cooking?"

Would you happen to have any grey poupon?

Ah, the sinister driving with concealed ketchup! The bastard!

"He concealed it and started to ride away on a bike."

He shoulda used the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile as a getaway car.

Doug Brockmeier lives!

Orange County School Jail Trustee

He's single, Siouxie, but he comes with a lot of baggage. Oh wait, that's not baggage. They're condiment packages.

Maybe his friends will vouch for him.

Suuure, they will, Cat. Right after they pony up the $37,000 he already owes in attorney fees from his prior misguided court jestings.

Wahl, at least he isn't taking 700 billion from us.

Danny -- you really see Maynard G. Krebs? I see R.P. McMurphy.

OT alert:

Al Davis is an @$$ hole.


Wyo - couldn't agree more. Talk about an out of control egomaniac.

Perhaps he just couldn't help himself: he's a collector and this is variety #57 in mint condition.

Yeah, I'm alive. Moving today, actually - to Los Angeles. I tried living in Orange and San Diego Counties, but LA has more for me. I will continue to miss the comical shenanigans of OC and the weather of SD, but LA is a happy medium between too-real San Diego and plasticky OC. I have missed my bloggy friends. I've been reading the DB blog but not commenting or linking as much lately. You can always say hi by email at the usual place.

Now if they kept it in the refrigerator, this never would've happened.

Who is this masked blogger???

We are all Keetsians, now.


I just love House, I just do. I know it's contrived and egomaniacal, butt so am I. Enjoy, Mountain and Pacific types.

End OT\

I'm with ya, CJ!! Now watching FRINGE

The Other DB is one of the old school bloglits. :)

Wow, LTNS TODB! Good to hear that SoCal hasn't gobbled you up.

"Doug Brockmeier lives!"

yes, i think he's been mad ever since i noticed that you could re-arrange his name to spell
"Duck Boogermire"

sorry about that doug. good to see your moniker on my monitor. how's salvador?

I forgot to mention that he's quite the rabblerouser. ;)

Mud- what a memory!

yeah the drugs didn't get all of it.

Doo doo doo doo doo, they call me a slob, but I do my job

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