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September 25, 2008


But still.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and DavCat)


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how come you can scroll through the text, but not the naked guy? shoddy work on the website.

Freaks for MS

"Fun for all ages"?
I'm sure no one will be upset then, when naked clowns get hung up in an elementary school classroom.

Okay, the Clown Creepiness Factor is now a larger number than the national debt.

I didn't really need to see Bozo's No-No's.


Just when you think you've seen everything.

Thank heavens for overloaded web servers. I hit the link without looking and before it loaded I saw the link was for "nakedclowncalendar" and stopped it just in time. I'll never be tempted to look at it.

Unless... was Clarabelle a chick?

It is WAY too early in the day for this. (By "too early", I mean "within the 24 hour period of the day".)

I sent this in yesterday, with a comment (which still applies): GAAAHHHHH!!!

My, what big, floppy uh shoes, yeah shoes you have.

pad, no...Clarabell was no chick.

And yes, Naked Clown Calendar WBAGNFARB.


nora?? do you really want to see a naked clown???


Please tell me there's no month that shows them getting out of a tiny car they've all been crammed into.


Do they put one of those red nose things on their...nevermind.

Still, some perverts intelligent gentlemen like clowns...

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Noses, Layzee??

Yeah, noses, Siouxie. That's it.

How about Mr. July clown fooling around with a pie??


*jibbily jibbily jibbily*

The site mentions a 'Unicycle Girl.'
Go find her, boys, I dare ya. I'm too icked out by fully-clothed clowns, never mind discovering that Bozo needs his back waxed.

When you find a mime-skeet shoot tournament, sign me up.

Oh, dear god, hell no.

Um, Clarabelle was the late Bob Keeshan, probably spinning in his grave at the idea of a naked clown... In fact, I suspect there's a lot of spinning going around in late clown plots....

isn't it gross?
or maybe just bunk?
buying a calendar just
to see bozo's junk!
but send me no clowns
especially nude clowns

the worth of my life
no way will enhance
getting a glimpse
of what's under big floppy pants
but send me no clowns
wearing just frowns
it's really too weird!

*snork* @ insom! brilliant!

Another 'snork' outloud at my desk @ insom!

"That better have been a flower that squirted me!"


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