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September 29, 2008


Firefighters were sent to rescue an iguana stuck 45ft up a tree — only to find it was a green branch.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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This is clear-cut Tree Fraud.

they're trying to rescue animals who actually live in trees, from trees? they should be kept busy with all those poor baby birds trapped 30 ft up in their little twig nests.

It was just pining.

But it had BIG teeth!

Watch out, cg. Next time it'll be frogs!


Perhaps, crossgirl, we need to go rescue some firefighters from the 2nd story of their firehouse.

Hey, Annie... I'm IN!

Iguanas live in the trees. They don't need to be rescued. In fact, here in Florida we consider them to be pests, especially the ones that poop in my pool.

Ok, eilbeback - here's your first cutie to rescue. (Warning - a bit of skin showing on this one)

With slight modification since last week (8:42):

Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go
Iguana be sedated
Stuck up in a tree and nowhere to go-o-oh
Iguana be sedated

Just call the firefighters, do it really quick
Hurry hurry hurry that lizard might be sick
Oopsie, that's my bad, I guess it's just a stick

Oh no no no no no

Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba Iguana be sedated
Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba Iguana be sedated
Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba Iguana be sedated
Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba Iguana be sedated

*Bangs head for Cat R*

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