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September 25, 2008


Deena Yellin

(Thanks to ccurvey)


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No, you shut your fat mouth.

We need the mob back in Jersey. No one will talk back.

It took me five minutes to figure out what "Deena Yellin" meant.

*goes to make coffee*

*takes coffee from Wisconsin Teenager*

Thank you, young man -- what a nice boy.

Hey! This is beer!

Are you gellin', Ms. Yellin?

Wis, I'll have a cup too, please. It took me 5 minutes after you said it took you 5 minutes.

*puts "coffee" on tap*

*lines 'em up on the counter*

*looks over shoulder, makes sure 'rents are still sleeping*

That'll be five bucks, please. You want "sugar" with that?

Och! Deena be yellin', laddies! Ye'll be tiltin' yere kilts, fer sure!

Hmmmm... Wisconsin Teenager seems to be a tad precocious.

What's Dean a-yellin' about this time?

citizens gone wild

Definitely do NOT want to see that video.

The lack of civility has gotten so severe that public officials are employing such tactics as regulating residents’ speech, having police at meetings, installing metal detectors, arresting disruptive residents and attending courses on conflict resolution.

Oh, no! Not attending courses on conflict resolution! What's next?

It's New Jersey. That's how they communicate. If you want them to quit yellin', tie their hands behind their backs.

Being a politician, he should have known how politically incorrect that was. The correct term is, "Shut your skinny bitch mouth!!"

Rude? In Joisey? Who'da thunk it!

Yeah, usually they settle things over tea, crumpets, and a game of bridge.

Well, I've never experienced rudeness in Jersey. Certainly not on the Turnpike. Or in Newark.

But Rappaport says he has seen worse than irate residents. “I’ve lived through my kids’ teenage years.

Yeah, I'm sure comparing your constituent's complaints to teenage hissy fits is really going to roll in the votes.

The next time someone gets out of hand, just bring in a naked clown.

Or...threaten them with tofurkey!!

Or a naked clown wrapped in tofurkey...izzit 5 o'clock yet?

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