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September 24, 2008



Dave! The customer's gone!


A moment of indecision...


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I'm thinkin' that if this were a video it would like Lucy on the chocolate candy line.

See those waiting chairs by the window? That plant was a seedling when Dave started. They put in a couch and big-screen TV on the other side.

I'm thinkin' that if this were a video it would look like Lucy on the chocolate candy line.

Perhaps the customer forgot to get the tofanberry sauce, tofuffing mix, sweet tofatoes, and tofumpkin-pie filling and went back into the store to find them.

There's a bottle of wine there. Must be Siouxie's.

No, Annie, hers would be a box.

Does Whole Fools have boxed wine?

I thought Siouxie drank Wild Tofurkey.

Whaddaya know.

Siouxie's wine box

hmmm.... 'tetra pack'....sounds fascist.

Such the Strumpeter: "All Forms of Payment Taken Here."

Annie, I think that's Olive Oil (Extra Consenting Virgins) and Dave is all, like, "I Yam Wad I Yam." (Sweet Tofato reference!)

Obviously they should have put Dave in the 10 items or less line...

I bought a bottle of wine simply because it was called Evil, spelled upside down. No good can come of it, I hope.

Suzy Q - is that also your cucumber? NTTAWWT.

does this mean you are going ot live paycheck to paycheck like the rest of us Dave?

What of it, Annie? It's seedless so I should be safe.

He's thinking "If I were Jack Bauer, where would I put this C-4" ...

Dave looks like a humor writer without a keyboard. A fish out of water. A hick at a high society event. A virgin at a porn convention.

Oh, and you blend?

It looks like he's staring at the 'what is your weight loss goal?' doxie on the right side of the screen.

Speaking of wine, I bought a bottle of this once because of the punny label.

A little pricey, but quite good...

Psst -- Woot-off in progress. Pass it on.

*sneaks back to catch up on today's posts*

I did not buy my wine there. I don't drink organic tofurkey vino. Btw, that is my salad Dave is wrapping with the rubber band. He was trained well. He did get sorta snooty and asked me "Is this it???" put the salad in a bag and then asked "Ya think you can handle this??". Everyone loves a smartass.

*eye roll*

What's that, WD? Rudolph is in the hizzouse? Christmas is still three weeks away!

Just so you all know that the Blog has cult followers fans everywhere...one guy had him autograph his grocery receipt.

See, the problem with going to Whole Foods exclusively, is that I can never get my required reading done, while I wait. At least at my local Ralph's, I can find out where the aliens are and what they've been up to, and whether Nicole Richie and her baby daddy have broken up, and the best way to bring my man to orgasm, and a plethora of other information I need to get through my life. At Whole Foods, all I get are things like, How to Live Green, or how to build my own terrarium, and how to make tofu taste like something other than tofu. In my book, sorta colorless.

Woot-off! Woot-off! Woot-off!

(I just like typing that out loud.)

It was good for all of us, WD.


I love Whole Foods, but I don't want to take out a second mortgage just to buy fruit and vegetables. Sooo...I'm off to my local organic farmers market that is in downtown Burlingame: Home to the World Famous Pez Museum. :-)

Here ya' go, Sio!

i can't afford whole foods. i shop at the half food store. the other half of course is chemicals and preservatives. yum!

Wait a minute here, Burlingame as in California South Bay Burlingame?
We must meet.

*snork* @ cg!! (btw...how ya feeling???)

I'm with ya on the preservatives. If not for them we'd be looking like crap. Oh wait...

*flaps in for a moment*

(((crossgirl))) How's it going?

*cues banjo music*

Come and listen to a story ‘bout a man named Dave
Who once wrote a book; well, or two, that garnered raves
Then one day, he was talking to some dude
Who said, help us out, come and work at Whole Foods

Bag, that is
Sack for charity

Well, the first thing you know our Dave was standin’ there
Bagged folks’ stuff until the shelves were bare
Bread, tofuturkey, much more; it was a sight
He did it all to raise funds to help kids learn to write

Books, that is.
Stories and poetry.

Bravo, JD!

(Psst -- Woot-off, still on!)

My girfriend has a sense of humor and that explains a lot.

*holds up keg-toast @ Ducky*!

*zaps in*

YAY and WOOT to the Duckness!

uh oh. clueless look and blank stare. what the heck is "Woot-off!"

I am sure Dave helped unite soccer and creative expression today at the Birkenstock store. ;)

Wildly waves at everyone. And I agree azred, what is Wooting off? Is it sexual or disgusting?

Alas, the Woot-Off had ended before I got to see it. Poop.

But has anyone here ever actually won a Bunch of Carrots (BOC) from them? Someone handed me a Samsa MP3 player the other day, claiming his wife got 5 of them, and a broken Roomba, when she scored.

For those who are new to woot.com, the day's item is posted at 10 pm, PDT, and lasts only until it is sold out. BOC's can be sold out within 10 seconds.

Remember: "F5 - The key that refreshes!"

And for those unfamiliar, a Woot-Off is where they just keep putting up a new item when one item sells out (normally only one item per day on Woot). It is like cramming a year's worth of Woot dailies in to a few days in marathon fashion. You never know what will come up or how long you will have before it sells out. The RBOC (random bag of crap) sells out in seconds. There is always one at some point in the Woot-Off. RBOC gets you a bag and (if you follow directions) 3 craps. Craps can be just about anything. Some good, some really crappy. Every so often someone gets something fantastic in the RBOC (TV, Wii, etc.). In the words of Maxwell Smart, "I missed it by that much", several times on the RBOC.

PirateBoy - I've gotten BOCs in the past -I think I'm up to 5 times now? Not once have I gotten ANYTHING even remotely valuable (not even broken Sansas), but that doesn't mean I won't be trying again the next time they have one.

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