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September 23, 2008


Woman with last name of Bacon wins pig contest

(Thanks to Woozy Barnes)


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Y'know, I normally would love a piece of bacon...

She's quite a representative for the entire pig calling world.

Nope. No lipstick on her.

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

Soooo....I mean....doesn't she resemble a pig just a tad? Put a long blond wig on her and you could call her Miss Bacon!
Just saying.

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

So was the Univ of Idaho student judge dressed in a skimpy cheerleader's outfit?? Wait, I'm getting confused with all these posts about Idaho today.

I bet she could take on that Australian pig ...

Yikes Dave, post a warning please. I was eating lunch. Was.

It was obviously destiny.

Destiny or cold, hard cash?

Or glutony?

Or lust, or revenge, or mental illness, or...or...

No, no, no... No linking to people who have unfortunate names... who resemble their names...who voluntarily enter activities in the "should have know better" category.

But can you connect her to Kevin Bacon in six moves or less?

But is that her birth name or her married name?

pad, I have a feeling she may be single...

"Jolee" is French for 'pretty.'
Pretty what, I'm not sure.

Siouxz, I wasn't asking for myself.

Actually, I was thinking of guys she could marry and then hyphenate. Like Rudy Bitz, Charley Cheeberger, or even the pre-hyphenated Lord Lettice-Tomahtoe, which would automatically instate him as the Nineteenth Earl of Sandwich.

BTW, Hammy? You owe me for not putting you on that list somewhere.

Or for padraig ('paddy'), the bacon patty.

She was later stripped of her title when it was discovered that all her calls were actually written by a guy named Shakespeare.

Bacon won the crown over as she started her hog call with a few loud snorts and a long, drawn-out "sooey."

This sounds suspiciously like the last time I made whoopee...

The other contestants were boaring, but Ms Bacon really hammed it up and gave them the chop. Her critics are rinding their teeth. Three wins on the trotter: that'll loin 'em,

I think Ms Bacon really looks the part. I won't say WHICH part.

Not surprisingly my cholesterol shot up 10 points just from the article and the picture.

I heard she was engaged at one time, but then her fiance' converted to Judaism.

Let Bacon call your pig; For a chiropractor, see Dr Bax

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