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September 22, 2008


Illinois lawyer suspended after cutting stripper's fees in return for nude dances

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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I wonder if he used his billing rate or hers.

So, she was naked...in his office...dancing on his lap.... and he touched her?

I find that hard to believe.

He just should have represented her pro bono.

I think the pro bono is what got him into trouble.

Stevie, thanks for saying "bono." Your restraint is admirable.

I wonder what she was originally busted for. And did he get her off?

. . . this was following a string of cases against her.

" . . . and remember, anything I say can be held against me."

Corpus Delecti, indeed

What, that's wrong? You never heard of the barter system?

I wonder what she was originally busted for. And did he get her off?

I think it was the other way around, Stevie.

I'd like to take a machete to his pro boner...sheesh.

(sorry, pad)


Who pays $4 for a lap dance??

Unless it was 2 $7 dances...

... thus launching the new ABC spinoff "Chicago Legal" ...

That sounds like it's barely legal.

No, I said 'posse'

We really do need pictures for this thread to be successful.

His pen-holder also filed a complaint.

"A lawyer was suspended for more than a year..."

More than a year? I thought he was supposed to see a doctor after four hours.

That's why lawyers never stick to the bare facts.
It gets them into trouble.

"...the client contended he touched her inappropriately during those dances,..."

Please don't tell me he tried to take a bite out of crime.

Creve! People actually bid for that pen. You Blogals should get to work starting some competition. I sense a new campaign fundraiser for his Daveness.

He was sooooooooooooo set up!

The woman no longer works as a stripper, the report said.

No, she is now an intern for me!

We have made it this far and no one has used the term "law Firm"...

Elon, I think we're going to need Punkin's help...

Steve, Punkin's kinda busy right now. She's raising a litter of cats in her brassiere.

He suspended and she's no longer a stripper - so they're both dis-barred.

Butt Siouxie has some cigars for sale. ;P

*snork* Annie! um...

Siouxie, something like this ?

Souxie,I have been looking for a personal humidor...

Steve - linky stinky...but did you mean a nice sexy Cuban cigar like this?

For your 'tiparillo,' oldmanatee?

Annie, I love that picture of me and my ceegar!

You look mahvelous. The surgery did wonders for you!

At your service!

You know, I was a lawyer for 36 years and never thought of doing anything like that. Damn!What's wrong with me? My "internal lizzard" instincts must be underdeveloped.

More like inflagrante delicto.
Which for people who don't know is literally translated:
"Flagrantly, in a delicatessen."
(I hope I spelled that right.)

You know what I wanna know?
What kind of stripper sues someone after a lap dance?
I mean, if 20$ won't get me a lap dance, what makes you think I'd be willing to pay (hundreds, possibly thousands) in a lawsuit?
I'm jest sayin.

"Stripper and the Premature Beaver Effects..." WBAG... nevermind, I'm going to go lie down for a while...

I need to bone up on my legal terms; was this quid pro quo, or tit-for-tat?

Also need to look up banging the gavel, and head juror. The lawyer will probably use a defense such as, "Your honor, I misunderstood. I could swear you told me to crotch-examine the witness."

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