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September 06, 2008


Women of Florida, are you prepared?


(Thanks to Suzy Q)


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OMG! I so got to have a pair! In several colors!

Those are totally fabuflippericious.

Private message to judi: Am I the only one who hasn't been able to get into the message board, or even the archives, for days and days?

Slinks in®

These are for Flipper, Flipper,
Functional footwear

No one you see,
is smarter than she,

This is our Flipper,
otherwise known as our Siouxie

Sometimes called Shoexie
Hunkering fashionably!

Slinks out®

(party day for my youngest who turned into a teenager this week - sigh! Carry on without me, Blogits!)

KDF, it's functioning on a minute-by-minute basis.

Are matching snorkle and goggles available?

Oooh, how cute! Are they available in pink??

no, KDF - it's totally messed up. there's a new temporary home. check the 'news' page at db.com for the link...




Well, I suppose if you ever find yourself in a situation where you just don't want to give up your heels, but you still really want to go scuba diving, then these are your shoes.

It's stuff like this that makes me so glad that I'm a guy.

*flip flops in*

*snorks @ Cat!!* love it!

And I LOVE these shoes. The only downside I see is trying to walk without looking like a total doofus.

seriously? that's the ONLY downside? lol i'm with you schadeboy; i'm glad i'm a guy! (and trust me, other than the not-actually-having-a-penis thing, i am pretty close!)

every time i see that picture i hear ♪ it's a Barbie world ♫ in my head. so i'm not gonna look anymore.

( yw ;)

judi...I've never heard it expressed better;). Or, as my long-time joined-at-the-hip boss once said when someone told him not to Talk Like That in Front of a Woman, 'Oh! Well...I guess I never thought of her as one.'

Comin' from that generation, one of the better compliments of my life.

Awesome compliment, Betsy.

I'm with Kathybear - where are the pink ones? I totally want these immediately, unless baligurl already has them. If so, I'll have to stick with these.

The pink ones are on backorder. ;)

Oh, ok. In the meantime, maybe I'll get these.

Those must come with matching pumps.

*Waves to old long-missed friends.*

Soooo....those socks are the real BOMB! And you could use the flippers at a burger joint if the spatula broke. Put me down for a "hot" pink pair.
Actually you could shovel the walk in Boston as you went out the front door in December. Women...always so multi tasking!
Just saying.

Annie, you know me so well. I have them is both purple, and flourescent pink.

They're hot.

Ok, then I'll keep my spurs on. For way longer than eight seconds.

*waves to Meanie*

Not exactly my fantasy, Annie, but I appreciate the sentiment. (I'm more of a Corinthian leather geezer).

OMG! What a great way to beat off sharks!

*orders a pair in each color*


(psst, punkin beats off sharks. pass it on! ;)


Like this guy, Punkin?

*SNORK(le)* @ Punkin and the rumor mill.... =^D

Side note: Bless you all for keeping your level of humor as wonderfully low high as usual. I have just had the worst two weeks of my entire life, and I'm so thankful for the fun I can read here, even when I'm in no way capable of responding. Thank you for the laughs.

(psst, punkin beats off sharks. pass it on! ;)
Why does this bring to mind the old riddle, "What's gray and comes in quarts?"

"Those must come with matching pumps."

Good one, meanie. It almost slipped by me.

"...worst two weeks...?"

**moves Diva to the top of the prayer list**

...And did somebody mention "hurricane preparations?"

Of course, depending on your own particular lifestyle and needs, you may need other items not mentioned above but never, ever, skimp on the beer, cigs and ammo.

**el snork**

i'm more of a water-wingtip kind of guy...

For those of us on the geezer bus: Well, we have the cruel shoes, but no one would want to try...

I don't think those are actual shoes. I can't seem to find any sort of confirmation of their existence.

elon, they're not however there was a designer who did a similar thing on the runway a couple years back.they proved very difficult to strut in.

wes, how'd that guy get hold of my prep list?
and why did he leave off the wipies and red wine?

SHEESH! You people are SO immature!! *hair flip*

(Don't ever change!)


Slinks in®

Prayers to all affected by the hurricane. Hugs and prayers for Diva.

My youngest (the brand-new teen) kissed me goodnight last night, thanked me for her "awesome" party, and told me she is grateful for our family sticking together.

She is wise beyond her years, that one.

*serves up coffee, bagels, cream cheese, bacon, leftover birthday cake, pink Jello (hey, you want something healthy? Make yer own breakfast!), scrambled eggs, orange juice, and more coffee*

Thanks, Cat! *grabs handful o' bacon*

Lisa Carney of Australia is allegedly the designer of those shoes.


*snork* @ insom.

Those are not actual shoes for sale - they are an ART display in the window of a shoe store, but were made for another venue (a fashion show I think) - which I can't remember right now - but will now have to research because its driving me nuts that I can't recall the whole story. They have been seen on the WWW for a couple years.

Story about the High Tide Heels.

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