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September 30, 2008


(Thanks to Jan Berry)


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I am very glad this was posted at night as it is a very good time to put out my live traps.

Aw nuts, I mean no nuts.

Yeah, well, as an April fool joke gone awry, it's pretty good. Now - how many folks are going to be able to nab the little nutters and put them in these? It should make for some very live wires.....

The best part: those tighty whities will screw up their sperm count.

It should be a lot of fun to watch. "Here, hold my beer and watch this."

I'll be brief: Nuts to this.

Does anyone else think the "reverend" under the "Customer Testiclesmonials" bear a striking resemblance to John Cleese?

Let's get this out of the way early on: "Scurry Furry Tighty Whities" WBAGNFARB.

Coulda been worse: squirrel thongs.

Lairbo, you are buying the brain bleach.

What about the girl squirrels?

*I question I often ask on Friday nights*

Frodo: not me. I come up with Tom Wilkinson.

(That's two resemblance refutations for me tonight. I'm tempted to invite more challengers. ;-)


You folks who enjoy guitar slingers will want to check out a couple of pint-sized (8 & 9 years old!) wonders I discovered tonight. Videos posted on my blog; click my name below. You'll be glad you did.


Lairbo, that may be acceptable early in the morning (on weekdays), when we have time to erase the visuals created by what you just posted. We can do this through the miserable complaining of clients, the incessant regulations of bureaucracy, the completely incomprehensible requests of family members, any number of things.

But this is a workday evening... I, and others, have to wake up early to go to work. We are preparing to go to bed now. And the last thought we will have, before drifting off to sleep, will be "Squirrel Thongs" (which WBAGNFARB, if nobody else has said it...) Drifting off to this thought will either...1) Snap us out of our peaceful slumber, so that I'm late for work; or 2) Keep us awake all night, thereby driving down corporate production within the entire global economy, because I'll be late for work, and, well same result!

But, at least for now, incredibly, squirrel thongs are NOT the worst thing on my mind when I try to go to sleep tonight....

WD, I was just throwing it out there... after checkin UTube, nothing came up for Cleese and any type of clergy. Hmmm, does Frodo do the resemblance search tonight...??? We'll work on it Dude

frodo, don't make me link to the hamster dance video again.

(PS: how's your mom doing?)

Squirrel wedgies?

frodo: thongs and your link were really not two ideas that I had ever wanted to be in my brain at the same time.

What do you do with the tail if you have a squirrel thong?

I know who's behind this.

Never mind the briefs or the thongs.

But then you will have squirrels running around in just their underwear . . .

Squirrels just wanna have fun..., yeah squirrels just wanna have fun.

Not THE Jan Berry?

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