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September 30, 2008


...because otherwise we would probably link to this.


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So, this place is on Redi Road???

I'll leave the easy ones for the others...

Yes, it's a good thing you didn't link to that, otherwise I would have spit out the apple I was eating at the time.
Now let me clean up my desk.

Learn to integrate, people. Learn to integrate.

Har! (I've got to stop reading these while on conference calls!)

The funny part is that the owner's name was Yu Pei Nao.


Mi massage you long time.

Abbott & Costello at the Sun Sauna Spa:

Costello: Who is giving me a massage?

Abbott: Hu is not giving Mi a massage. Hu is giving Yu a massage.

Costello: That's what I'm trying to find out.

"beautiful young ... ladies here to serve you"
In this case, "..." means "Miss Nomered."

Moss said the sexual act Yang offered was not committed.
Sounds like a regular date to me....

I hope this story has a happy ending.

"This business is also under review by the county licensing department for further action,"

Well, maybe she would have been OK if she had gone to the Licensing Department for Further Action and gotten her license for the further action.

It all comes from not having enough gas, I tell ya.

Actually, when I have "enough" gas I don't usually have further action either.

*Wonders if there is a fine for spitting in that town*

Anybody notice the AccuWeather forcast link? 82 degrees and Cumming. One hopes that's the name of the town.

What was she arrested for? Taking the money and not providing the "service"? This should make Congress nervous.

Never introduce yourself after a massage.

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! That is NOT her name! Hahahahahha!

Moss said the sexual act Yang offered was not committed.

Maybe, just maybe, she was just introducing herself and the guy took it the wrong way.

Can't get much more subtle than that.

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