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September 29, 2008


Crash driver's blow-up doll inflates on impact


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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God: "Peter, I'm bored. Whose life can we inject some excitement into?"

St. Peter: "Sir, I have the perfect thing. There's a poor schmuck driving a Ford Fiesta and he's just bought an inflatable sex toy..."

God: "Perfect! Let's do a # 7 on him."

Maybe if the Big Three would install inflatabable sex toys instead of those dull air bags, they'd sell more cars...

"I'm not giving it mouth-to-mouth. You hive it mouth-to-mouth."

Heh! Looks like bunny ears.

"Honey, I TOLD you it was a safety device!"

Is anyone else not surprised the doll was in the back seat?

pad, he does have some splainin' to do...

If you blow up the picture big enough, you can see a label on the dummy that says, "For Emergency Use Only."

It didn't work out any better for the CIA, at least not according to Gizmodo ...

hammond rye, i know exactly what you mean! i'm just surprised peter didn't recommend me this time! *whew*

nora?? do YOU have a blow up doll in the backseat of your car too??

*blink* *blink*

Judging from its expression, the blow-up doll was surprised by the collision.

I always thought a properly positioned pop-up doll could replace me at my office and I could be out golfing.

Of course, an anatomically correct doll would be better.

Of course it's in the back seat. That driver's no dummy.

Is anyone else not surprised the doll was in the back seat?

Posted by: ellie | 10:13 AM on September 29, 2008

That was the impact, ellie. When the guy hit (so to speak) it was on his lap, I'll bet.

Shoddy reporting not to tell us if the guy was found wearing pants or not.

I hope his mom doesn't read the newspaper.

I hope his mom doesn't read the newspaper.

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

Crash Test Doo-me

actually, siouxie, once i had to buy a blow-up doll for a friend (quit laughing!). i went to the french quarter, where you can find a plethera of that type of thing, and i spent so much time in one store that my meter ran out and i got a parking ticket!

Siouxie, no matter how trying it may be at times, I still need to keep my job, IYCMD.

I don't think that's what my dad means when he calls my mom an 'airbag.'

nora! lol I know exactly what you mean! I've been to the French Quarter and every other shop is a s3x shop. Many interesting items there to buy see.

(sorry, Meanie...shoulda put a warning)

true story:

my buddy (then in his twenties) was living with his parents when his car was broken into (in his parents driveway) and his car stereo stolen. the thieves also discovered his "anal intruder" (a boxed set of various marital aids) and scattered the contents therein over the driveway for my friends father to discover.

so, my buddy was awoken (extremely hung over) by his father asking "would you please go outside and pick up you anal intruder?"

'anal intruder' WBAGNFA mud-stuffer. NTTAWWT.

LOL mud. A thief with a wicked sense of humor.

The facial expression isn't surprised, it's just based on Mr. Bill: "OHHH, NOOOOOO!"

Er, how do you get the dolls to inflate upon impact? It's usually the other way around...so I've heard...

And it would be really funny to replace an airbag with a blow-up doll if you knew someone was prone to low-speed fender-benders!... :)

are you saying something about Mr. Bill and his private activities?

"Oooh, YESSSS!!!

It could have been MUCH worse.

Siouxie - is that ketchup or hot sauce? Eeeew.

um...sorry this took so long butt...do you REALLY wanna know??

Didn't think so.

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