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September 19, 2008


Accordin' to Howarrrrd from Browarrrrd, in the New Yarrrrk Times crossword puzzle today, 31 across is TALKLIKEAPIRATE and 8 down is SHIVERMETIMBERS.


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I be so excited!

Surely this be callin' for a drink 'o the rum!

A pox on yer parrot, Howard, fer givin' away the answers. Makes me wanna swash yer sudoko.

Blimey! That be good to know. I tend to put an end to the week's NYT crossword puzzle torture with Thursday's puzzle, but maybe I give Friday's a shot across the bow. arrrrrrr

All the bilge that's fit to scuttlebutt.

Grrrrrrrrrrrreat! i be impressed with the success of TLAPD.

Cross word? You haven't heard the last of me cross words, ye scallywags!!

I'm surrrre Pirate Lizzy there can give ye any cross words ye need!

Cross swords? If ye insist.

Aye, Cap'n Tess!

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