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September 22, 2008


In China, cows are falling from the sky. Meanwhile in England, the Federation of Organic Milk Groups is telling farmers they can increase production by mooing at their cows. We think this could a huge mistake, in view of alarming developments in Bulgaria.

(Thanks to sjhaller and Jeff Meyerson)


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Mooditation. It's what I do after eating a large banana split.

We in Wisconsin have nothing to do with this evil plot to push up world-wide cheese prices. That's our story, and we're sticking to it.

Cows falling from the sky...does that translate to "When pigs fly" or to "it's raining cats and dogs"?

Some people are spending a little too much "quality time" with their cows.

Time to fire up the grill!

A good cowboy's aim is true...

Joke relevant to one of these stories (cannot reveal which until end of joke):

Two dogs meet up in the waiting room of the vet's office. The larger one asks the smaller one, "What are you here for?"

The smaller one says, "Aw man, my owners left me tied out all the time, and this neighbor kid kept coming over and teasing me and poking me with a stick, and finally I hauled off and bit him, and so the vet's gonna put me to sleep. How about you?"

The bigger one says, "I've got this female owner who hangs around the house all day and likes to do housework naked, and it's been driving me crazy, and she bent over to dust something and I couldn't resist and I jumped her."

The little one says, "Whoa. That's pretty harsh that she'd put you to sleep for that."

The big one says, "Sleep? Oh no, I'm just here to get my claws trimmed."

(See, the big dog was a Bulgarian Mastiff and.... oh never mind.)

LOL pad. Very funny.

Has anyone called PETA about this cow thief?


Did you see how that Bulgarian lady was dressed? I'm saying she was asking for it, but...

I agree, Annie. And the seductive way she was leaning over....??? Hmm a little Bulgarian harlot if you asked me.

I like how the donkey, sheep, and cow were are wandering loose about town. Reminds me of my old college days.

天空落!= "The day is empty"

Yet, the cow is full?

Firstly, the picture of the cow mounting a little old lady is at the same time PRICELESS and horrifying.
It's so funny I almost hyperventilated laughing.

Secondly. WTF!?
I do not understand cows at all!

You can tell just by looking at the photo that the cow was horny.

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