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September 19, 2008


We're usin' this here arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgonomic keyboard:


(Thanks to Mike Ester)


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Don't you need an A though?

That's shiftin' me timbers! Arrrrr!

*has trouble typing out 'You scurvy dogs'*


Now I can even type with just me pegleg!


SNAAAARK!! I need to shanghai me one o' them tharrrrrrr toys.


I don't know, that seems awfully confusing; I think I'll stick with the one I have...


and *snarrrk* @ the name, 'Mi-ke ester.' Beware the fardage, matey!

Cap'n Helga, be you the Cuban wench what answers to Siouxie? There be good viewing tonite...

RRRRRR! And Avast! What more does one need?

you Snarrrrrrrrrrrrking at my name Annie? huh? ;) LOL okay...yeah I can see it. *snicker* :)

Aye, Steve! That would be me. What up?

If you never got around to checkin' out Stargate Atlantis, TV Guide says tonight's new episode at 10 is going to have some good meaty stuff for Jason Momoa, aka Ronon. They have repeats scheduled at 8 and 9 too, but I'm guessing the 10 PM episode is going to be the most drool-worthy. Why not make a night of it?

'ere be ye devil keyb'ard!!

Steve, I am checking it now.

And what more than RRRRRRR we need?

ARRR, mateys! It shames me t'admit I almost forgot tha' today be TLAP Day! May the wind always be at yer backs an' may yer enemies' powder be soakin' wet! ARRR!

"I am just a pirate/200 years too late/The cannons don't thunder/There's nothin' to plunder/I'm an over-40 victim of fate/Arriving too late/Arriving too late"--Jimmy Buffett, "A Pirate Looks At 40"

Arrr, it be first watch, eight bells. Good day mates.

A scened from a recent Sesame Street sketch:

Some pirates are in a bookstore and one of them asks "Do you know what a pirate's favorite letter is?"
The adult human replies "I know this, it's ARRRRRRRRRR!"
One of the pirates chastises him for using stereotypes and informs him that a pirate's favorite letter is "F" (the letter of the day).

Another pirate yells out "Yes! We pirates love 'F' words!"

Sesame Street has really changed since the Elmo mutiny.

Sorry I'm late, but Cap'n Slappy and I were in Philadelphia doing appearances for the day. So a belated "Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day" to ye all!

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