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September 22, 2008


A Japanese man puts the "mental" in "sentimental."

(Thanks to Heather, who observes, "CSI: eww.")


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"What are you in for?"

"And causing a public disturbance . . . "

I think the mask and gloves are a smart precaution in this case.

He should have left the doll unsecured on a lorry and let it hit the bonnet of a car behind his moving truck.



Today's astounding historical fact: We have Hitler to thank...

why didnt he just let the air out of it.... pfffffffffft. i am still giggling.

His poor children.

Here's a deal on one that was never used for its intended purpose (yeah, right, uh huh . . .)

(mild warning on link)

You know, letting the air out of your blow up woman might not be a bad final farewell.....depending on where the valve is....

Well, I guess those two aren't living happily ever after.

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