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September 26, 2008


Pervy Japanese Boob Engineers

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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Are there any other kind of engineers?

Is that a t*t in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Soon to be followed by the Face Slap app.

ewww. perverted ....doesnt even cover that. bleeech.

Those kinky Japanese!

LOL fivver. I'd like to develop that one.

The iPhone webapp port runs in javascript and is a little jerky—

as is the pervy japanese engineer.


That is just creepy.

Let me guess...this engineer is single.

plenty of customizable parameters

'Nuff said...

Not to mention, I saw "The Customizable Parameters" open for Steppenwolf in '73…

Well that's appropriate for iphone, but the pull my finger application was just too crass. But of course.

This productivity enhancer may be inappropriate, but it is SFW

Okay, I bet the guys disappear from the blog for a day or longer after Baron's post.

Shouldn't that engineer be designing quirky game shows like everyone else in Japan?

Let me guess...this engineer is single. has never met a girl who didn't slap him with a restraining order

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