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September 21, 2008


Killer Slugs

(It goes without saying that France has surrendered.)

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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*plays the 'Jaws' theme verrrrry slowly*

The Local reported in April that the slug issue was dividing parliament and was at risk of being besmirched by party political interests.

Belongs on the next post... "Finally, a scientific explanation for Congress."

Killer Slugs? Not a bad name for a rock band. One of my favorite names for a real life band has always been Drop Kick Chihuahuas (I swear on a stack of phonebooks). But what would really take the rock world by storm would be a band named Kitty Litter! It would have an appeal to animal lovers and waste disposal personnel which are the two most overlooked and powerful political parties in America today. Obama and McCain could create some awesome slogans around this name, e.g., "Stop the Litter - Vote Democrat" or "Waste Not, Want Not - Vote Republican." Kitty Litter . . . literally a band for our time!

Let's be nice now, people; It's not easy being a slug...

The slug is a regular topic of discussion for Sweden's gardeners each spring and the opposition Social Democrats have even called for a national strategy to defeat the scourge.

Ha! In Sweden, the Democrats fight a scourge of slugs. Whereas in the USA, the Democrats fight a sc...

Hmm. Small world.

I'd also like to point out that the word "besmirched" is not used nearly enough in our everyday discourse.

besmirched besmirched besmirched besmirched

Good word, besmirched.

Steve - your hotlinking besmirched our access to your link. :(

Well! I must say I never saw that happen before; though I recall a couple cases where I re-clicked on something in the Archive only to find it had disappeared or the date was different...

Here, try this -- last cartoon on the page...

By the way, I'm still not sure what is meant by "hotlinking"; if (as in this case) I go to Google Images, click on a picture and then click again to make it full size, then link that image to the blog, is that hotlinking? I thought hotlinking was when Dave or judi reproduced an image from a news story without the surrounding text, like for a caption contest for example. I don't know how to do that...

From the picture link at the side, it looks like those Swedes aren't as sturdy as I, for instance, had thought...

Steve, if hyperlinking like that is a no-no, we are all doooooomed....


The Baby Horses played like a high school JV team today, CJ -- you win! And deservedly so... The Bucs taught the Bears a thing or two, too... (not to) I love pointy ball!


Hey, some of my best friends are slugs.

Steve - not sure why some places don't like that. Maybe it overwhelms their server, who knows. I just figure if it's funny, maybe I'll go look at more stuff on that site. Not sure what their problem is.

Yay Bucs!!!

What else would killer slugs kill other than plants? They're the only things that move slower than them.

M'ville - just don't ever fall asleep. Bwahaha!

I shall pre-salt myself before bed now!

I soooooo cannot believe that YouTube does not carry the scene from "The African Queen" with the line, "If there's anything in these waters I can't stand, it's leeches!" To your health, fellow bloglits! You HAVE been spared!

Oh, wait, I'VE FOUND IT

I thought "killer slugs" was a reference to Volvo drivers.

Oh, wait, that's "slug killers": anything on the road faster than a slug can usually evade a Volvo.

(barry mcguire-eve of destruction)

can't you hear the slugs, their insane crunching?
your garden plants, on them they're lunching
only things that's grosser is when they're breedin'
we can show you pics, 'cause , hey, it's sweden!
social democrats at the throat of labor
even frenchmen say they can't stand the flavor

and you tell me over and over again
that you've no time to watch
their slimy swathe of destruction!


"'Twas Brillig, and the slithy toves..."

lurking, and waiting for well-deserved retribution....

You'll never know when the machete comes down, Frodo.

That's cool to know that Dave Barry's column has a comments section. I've always been a fan of Dave's books, especially his recent fiction. Here's my $0.02 on the subject of good band names:

1. Danny's Pants (kinda a Gen X shibboleth)

2. Government Cheese

and, my favorite:

3. Gumby and the All-Rubber Band

And here's a link to a cool kinetic-art video I just made:


Ladies and Gentlemen, I do believe we've found the storyline for Cloverfield 2!!

Hey! Lay off the French surrender comments, will ya?
I mean, they're slugs. Just slugs. Basically, snails without a house. If it comes to that, we'll fight them with garlic, butter and parsley sauce!

We'll fight them on the tables, we'll fight them in buffets, we'll fight them in picnics and at lunch and afternoon tea...

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