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September 21, 2008


(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Ewwww. TMI


That. is. all.

Oh....eeeew...*snork*, but eeew.
formed through a fusion of the gut with the reproductive organs...

a cul-de-sac for a gut

Sounds like my prostate...

News agency providing the report: ANI
Latin plural of anus: ani


So when they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach ... uh ...

That's not his heart, Steve. Although you're not the first one to make that mistake.


You guys had an awesome day today.

Evolution can be a wonderful thing...

So, as I understand it, when our ancestors opined, "This tastes like $%^# " they were probably correct: it really was $%^$.

Evolving Anus WBACrappyNFARB.

*snork* @ Steve. Makes you wonder what happened to the 'A thru F' spots.

Oh, I forgot. You're a guy. You don't care about 'spots.' Hmph!

the issue remains open... anyone for a cork?

Wadda you mean?? I love spots...!


Oh, I thought this was that Killer Slugs article again.

Didn't we just talk about this? oh, multiple ORGANISMS... my bad... slinks out...

This just in.

"George Michael Arrested For Crack In Men's Room"

Must be quite a crack he's got there.

Hey frodo, watch your Slink®ing there.

I don't want to start charging you.

Cat, you know me well enough to know that was an innocent slink, and a self-admittedly "slink out" rather than a "slink in"...

btw, Cat R, that headline somehow, just seems to remind me of this...

Oh, I always do so love an anus article!

"George Michael and His Smmmmokin' Crack" WBAGNF George Michael's (jailhouse) RB.

(PS - frodo, your link went up in smoke (har!), but it provided a delightful earwig nonetheless.)

*snork* @ Margaritaville!

Godd one, obs.

Meanwhile, I was trying to teach a cg-boy how to ride his bike at and over a ramp, while watching the Jags game. He kept slowing down at the last second, making his front wheel drop and ruining some landings. So he bet me, that if the Jags won, I had to ride his little bike off the ramp and show him how to do it.

The Jags won, and he remembered. So I did it and didn't slow down, at the last second; that was the last of my problems. I went off with plenty of speed, toppled over backwards and landed on my butt and everything behind my front, but mostly on my butt. If I lie on my belly long enough, I hope to evolve a new butt, in a different spot. I will go lie on my belly, now. Yay Jags!

Just like on some of your posts, CJ. ;)

Psssttttt CJ?? Thanks for taking care of crossgirl! You're a sweetie!

Psssttttt everybody?? Thanks for taking care of me! You're all sweeties! (guys excepted, who are nevertheless thanked for being, um, hairy-chested, beer-swilling,... Gawd, this would be so much easier to pull off on TLAP day...) Anyway, thanks again to all, and sorry again for being stoopid. btw, Mom's doing fine, thanks to your (not you're) thoughts and prayers!

yes, yay, Jags, and yay CJ for lookin' after the cross one.

and Yay Broncos. 3/0 no matter how it happens.

"The anus did NOT develop from the mouth."

Mmmmm, this does not sound like OUR Congress...

Nevertheless, I suggest we elect convolutriloba longifissuras next time for better results.

and btw, CJ, we need to arrange some sort of fun wager, for October 12. whaddya think?

Maybe so, Nova, but I don't think we should let c. longigissuras kiss any babies while campaigning.

I would also be convenient if it wanted to kiss his own a$$.

*tosses 't' up to Scott to protect his own a$$*

Thanks. I needed that.

I hope it evolved before taste buds.

the issue is still open? ick.

What do these "experts" say at university cocktail parties when someone asks them their field of expertise? A$$ologist?


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