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September 28, 2008


Eeewww eeewww eeewww! Also, EEEEEEwwwwww.

(Thanks to a whole bunch of people who will never again use their coffeemaker's automatic brewing function.)


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How in THE hell did it manage to get into what should be an enclosed space?

For the record, the coffee I am serving this morning is absolutely free of mammals, flying or otherwise.

Unfortunately, I've heard of roaches (in FL, of course) in the coffee filter, but never THIS! Bleah, blech, ptttu, and brackkkk... (shivers)

Did this happen in Gotham City?

Quick, Robin! To the Bat Cafe!

This is exactly why I don't drink coffee! I have been warning people for years about the dangers of drinking that stuff, and this is just one of them. I'd tell my parents, "You shouldn't drink that. You never know if a bat has gotten into your coffee filter."

On the plus side, the company is now selling new "Coffee Maker Bat Traps". Bats go in, but they don't come out, thus saving yourself the trouble of exterminating the creatures, and have yourself a fresh cup of coffee to get your day started right!"

Schade -- seems to me it could happen with that Postum stuff, too... ;-)

Poor bat must not have found a bra to sleep it off in.

Wow, mosquito-free coffee!

I'll have the Swiss water debat, please.

Oh, with bat-free milk, thanks.

New Starbucks flavor: Bataccino.

From now on, she'll order the "debatinated".

On the plus side, she can now see really well in the dark and has already chosen her Halloween costume.

While you're there, grab me a Mocha Batte, will ya, Lairbo?

I vant to dreeenk yourrr coffee...

Grande Mocha battachino for me, thankyouverymuch!

Ahhhh. Good to the last dropping.

Hold the guano, por favor.

. o O Funny, Vlad never asks for a second cup at home ......

*waves @ Meanie!!!*

LTNS, dude!!

We've replaced these diners' Folgers Crystals with coffee made from bats. Will they notice the difference? We'll ask them as soon as they stop retching...

its brain was too cooked

Whoa, Dude, I can like totally relate.

I bet her hubby's guano make the coffee from now on.

*Waves back @ Siouxie*

It's been a rough two weeks in Pepperland.

MtB: Hope your cousin, the Bluebird of Happiness shows up soon.

Slinks in®

For Lairbo.

For Siouxie. (Technically, they are mice, but when I saw these in a mall yesterday, you came to mind.)

Gee, guess she'll have to brew the coffee in the morning like the rest of us from now on.

/end sarcasm


Bat Brew
Bat Brain (or Cooked Bat Brain)

By coincidence we were watching an episode of One Foot in the Grave last night where a cat got in the Meldrews' freezer and died there!

watch me pull a bat out of my coffee pot..... ewwwwwww. double latte-ewwww.

Considering some of the previous posts about coffee, which would you rather drink if forced to? The monkey $h!t coffee, or the bat carcass coffee? I'm thinking the rabies shots would be worth it.

Or was it cat $h!t coffee? I can't remember. All I know is they collected the beans from some form of animal turd and made coffee with it.

Civet. (type of cat)

I think I refuse to drink coffee from this moment forward... (Nods to M'ville and Cat R...) (RUNS to BR to RETCH GUTS OUT!!)

Cat R: Why, yes. I would like change with that.

Cream with your coffee?

Oh, man, it hurts to think about that bat's wake-up call. 8-(

Big deal. My aunt smelled something dead for a couple of weeks every morning as she made breakfast. She decided to clean out her toaster one day and found a dead mouse at the bottom of it.

ACKKKKK!!!!So how did the bat get in? My coffeemaker closes and won't brew properly with it open, timed or not (I'd have coffee all over the kitchen). Was she drunk or in the dark when she prepped the coffeemaker the night before? AACCCCKKKK again.....

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