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September 25, 2008


Say aahhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Is it safe?

Uh... guess not.

Repo Man, German style!

So I guess he doesn't advertise as a "gentle, painless" dentist in the local phone book, eh ?

I hope the doctor who took out my appendix doesn't try to put it back in.

I'm "pretty" sure he got paid.

*Makes sure boobs are paid for*

you vill open your mouth, PLEASE! YAH?
Be a Dentist!!

Love the last line of the article! Bwahahaha!


by the way, is this the same town as johan von gambolputty, de von...........of ulm???

What if it had been an extraction? Would he have tried to put the tooth back in?

So . . . two bridges to nowhere is it now?

*crosses Ulm of list of places to receive cheap dental care*

Upon further reflection, 35 is awfully young to be needing bridges. Wonder why the insurance company refused to pay for them ? If the bridge in question is the one in the photo, I'd say the woman was right to not pay for them - those are some ugly, grody, dirty teeth.

Oh, and *snork* @ Siouxie/Pamela Anderson !

What an Ulmlöut.

I wonder how many dentists are going "YEAH!"

Is it safe?

Sorry, clark. You beat me to it.

It's cool.... Glad to see someone else liked that movie.

Or in my case, has been terrified ever since. First Psycho made me scared of showers and then Marathon Man made me scared to take a bath.

Thank God for deodorant.

Anyone remember Steve Martin as the "Elvis Dentist" in Little Shop of Horrors? Classic! I loved the way he would pump up the chair Elvis style.

I wouldn't have paid for those teeth either. Ick.

Ooh, Marg! I remember that. LOVE Steve Martin. *sigh*

They're not showing the bridges... Maybe she's a hockey mom and got her teeth knocked out at a child's practice...You know how some parents are about watching over their kinderlings...

Best last line. Ever!

Deutsche Tonguetwister:

In Ulm und um Ulm und um Ulm herum.


Head line:

Had it 'gummin' to her.

Defence(Claim's he was a "Dental Case")

Wakey, wakey.

First, the bad news. Largest Bank Failure in U.S. History

And, the good news. Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed the World Yet?

Whoo hoo.

*stumbles out of bed*
*turns on computer*
*goes to the blog for some morning funnies*
*sees Cat R's post*
*crawls back into bed and pulls covers over head*

Cat, I've got a bad feeling about this...

A woman who claimed that she suffers permanent dysfunction of her jaw as a result of a surgical injury will recover $1.5 million from the hospital in which the procedure was performed. The matter stems from an April 2004 procedure in which Caridad Cuevas underwent removal of a stone from a salivary gland. Cuevas claimed that, soon thereafter, she developed clicking and popping of her jaw. She contended that eating has become painful and that she must wear a jaw guard whenever she is not eating.

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