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September 23, 2008


Now they want to take away the fundamental human right to have roads with grooves in the asphalt that play the William Tell Overture (technically known as The Hi-Yo Silver Song) when you drive over them at certain speeds.

Here is a video with audio.

(Thanks to sjhaller and PirateBoy)


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Cool. Too bad it is being destroyed.

Maybe it should be playing this stuff instead...

at least it didn't play "Copacabana"

russell, I'd drive off a cliff if I heard Copacabana.

But I can see how this might be troublesome...

How stupid. That was totally out of tune!

That is in "minor". How can they make such an incredible piece of music played by tires, and then miss the tune. It should be "major"!

I know why it was slightly out of tune: It was tired.

Sorry, I'm treading on thin ground here, and I don't want anyone to think I'm a squeaky wheel.

I'll bet it was paved over before people tried to drive backward looking for subliminal messages.

Whoops, Change looking for to listening for. First time jitters!

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