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September 19, 2008


Here be a collection of pirate-themed ads.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)

And here be a Brazilian ad site that has nothing to do with pirates, but you should check it out anyway. Wait for the lady to load (you'll see) then put a man's name in the first box and a woman's in the second. (Or any gender of names. We don't care.) You can leave the email boxes blank. The click "Visualizar."

(Thanks to Cap'n Marty Redbeard Merzer)


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Just for the record, I'm every pirate's worst nightmare...sunken chest and no booty.


Hearty *snork* @ SandyEggo!

Sandy - it could be worse. You could be mooring your dinghy in the wrong slip. IYKWIM.

*Harrsnorrrrrk* @ Sandy!

I be a Cuban Pirate - not much of a chest but plenty of booty.


Har! I be an Irish Pirate - treacherous territory and a whiskey shot across the upper deck.

That be bizarrrre

There be nothin' wrong with yer chest, Cap'n Helga. Perhaps a gentle rubbing to touch things up...

Shame there isn't a davebarrrrrrrry.com

Ohhhhhhhh Hammie, ya saucy scoundrel! Ya be dampin'me pantaloons!

A pirate walks into a bar, and the bartender asks "Where's your buccaneers?" "On my buccanhead".

Step away from the lass, Damp Hammie, lest you wish a trim of yer hawsehole by Cap'n Furly.

That kinda be lookin' like a Pirate prarie dog, or it be a reeeallly fat squirrel.

Ohhhhh! I've always wanted my name on a fat Brazilian man's a$$!

I totally did that Brazilian thing backwards. I put my name first and a friend's name second. Which actually made it pretty damn funny.

Great site you guys have!

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Suz, I did that too! LOL

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR! to the plank with ya, spammerrrrrrrrrr!

Arrgh!!!!! Prepare to repel boarders!!!

PLTDC, I think it's a pirate prairie dawg. I liked his 'scurvy-knave' stare.

Keelhaul the scurvy bilgin' spamrat!!

P.S. - Arrrrrhhhh!

Haaaarrrrr, Haaaarrrr, Haaarrrgh!

I'm a Lithuanian pirate. Ample chest, sturdy booty. And we'll be abscondin' with yer potatoes, and you'll eat yer kugelis, and you'll LIKE it!

That was arrrrrrrmusing!

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