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September 26, 2008


It is unknown why the men were drinking and vomiting the milk.

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff)


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I wonder if it was breast milk?

If they were riding Cruz'n Coolers, this could have been avoided.

Milk shooters, anyone?

Speaking from experience, frat boys will do anything to score a little sorority tang. Except study.

Not funny Marg. Not Funny. Blecccccccccccccccccccch.

Hope they let her drive.

drunk n stupid.....

Got vomit?

We tried secession once in 1861, and everybody got all upset...

The Milk Challenge: Drinking one gallon of whole milk in one hour without vomiting.

It appears that in 99% of humans the milk begins to expand in the stomach and is violently regurgitated in a rapid manner (projectile style).

Since the milk dilutes and neutralizes the stomach acids it doesn't hurt when it all comes out, but it sure does reek quickly.

Thanks for that, bob.
Now I don't have to explain that part to everyone.

Now as for why they were on the bridge...
After drinking a gallon of vodka, the Icelandic people (and not surprisingly, frat-boys) like to let off a little steam by base jumping.

And as for the milk?
I'm not totally clear on their motivation on that one.
Maybe they like puking?
Some people are like that, I guess.
Maybe I'm not supposed to understand it.

No use crying, y'know?

Milk duds?

Why? Because they cud.

My other car is a 2006 Lactose Intolerant.

To add to Bob's elucidations, this is a standard frat 'challenge' for newbies. Tis the season for rushing...

My computer skills are lacking, but here is the appropriate linky:


Erb's puke-link.

My car runs on goat milk. It's a Chevre-let.

SW, I herd those things last for heifer.

Ohhhh nice one. Take a look at the chocolate milk puke!

Hey Siouxie and other Miamians - What good seafood places are nearby the Biltmore for a good food/casual dinner?

Is Redfish Grill at the beach/park a good place to go?

I may take hubby there (Biltmore) for a surprise 55th bday in November.

Siouxie, just to let you know that Ronin-rich episode of Stargate: Atlantis you fell asleep during unfortunately missed last week, will be repeated tonite at 9. Maybe you could set up your TiVo if you plan to waste your time and probably fall asleep again watch the debate...

New episode at 10 features Michael Shanks who was a member of the original SG-1 team, by the way...

She also got a ticket for parking too far from the curd. On a one-whey street, no less.

Yikes - a moo-ving violation.

Redish Grill is great, Guin. Very romantic. Definitely request an outside table. Driving through the mangroves to get there is something else, too. A leetle spooky for the uninitiated. I do it with my (car) top down, just for extra excitement. You never know what sort of creature could drop/hop into your car!

Casual seafood near the Biltmore...hmm...lemme think. You do know the Biltmore has a 4 or 5 star restaurant, don't you? Also a great bar.

For a casual place nearby, I would recommend JohnMartin's on Miracle Mile, Guin. Fish 'n' chips and all sorts of Irish fare. Also the best turkey sandwich I've ever had (fresh roasted turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, hard-boiled egg on a croissant - yum!). Extensive whisky list and very good wines and beers, too.

I really can't think of any seafood places in the Gables. It's mostly all steak and Italian with a bit of German thrown in.

*chiming in*

Biltmore has a superb restaurant/bar/ceegar room if you just want to stay there. Also, their pool is TO DIE FOR! (very romantic). Not necessarily what I'd call casual though.

I've never been to Redfish Grill but have heard it's wonderful too. Like Suz says, driving through the mangroves, at night, to get there is an adventure of itself. It really is not super close to the Biltmore but it's a nice drive, if you go through Old Cutler Rd.

Red Fish Grill

Luckily she skimmed to a stop; she almost got creamed.

oops, no longer TLAPD.

Thanks for the advice! I know the B. has a really excellent restaurant but hubby really enjoys a more casual dining experience. I am only considering the Biltmore because of an unbelievably cheapo deal which I may or may not be able to get. (How's that for vague??)

Thanks for the suggestions! Keep 'em coming! I know it's kind of out-of-the-way but we'll probably rent a car.

What Suz said. John Martin's is one of my fav places too. Very authentic Irish pub type foods as well as more traditional dishes/sandwiches/appetizers - and great atmosphere. It's within walking distance of many other restaurants. (If you love pizza, the California Pizza Kitchen's right there. Suz and I have had dinner there and it's really good).

Thanks, Steve. I'll probably be watching the debate and I don't have TiVo ;-(

oops.... BOT

Mooooooooooooooving right along....how 'bout anudder thread?

Are there any large plastic chickens near the Redfish Grill?
Actually, we have one out here (Redfish, not the chicken) that's quite good. But I vote for room service at the Biltmore. We do get to vote on this, right?

By all means, vote away, four or five times. After all, you live in Florida!

She should hoof it right over to a lawyer... Either that, or go into hide-ing... but under no circumstances should she cow-tow to the prosecutors! Or, if she's spiritual, she could "throw it up" to God...

Hey, now, Guin, no need to hurl insults. I do not live in Florida.

Guin, how cheap of a deal did you get, if you don't mind my asking? The Biltmore is usually fairly pricey.

Oh, and also, what dates in November are you looking at? I have an event to go to there on Nov 8.

*SNORKS* Annie,

Reminds me of the joke that was going around at the time of Charles and Diana's wedding... "A toast: 'Drink up, Chuck and Di'"

Yeah, Guin, don'tchu be dissin' the Annie! It takes a really special sort of person to live in Floriduh.

Yeah - shortbus special. ;p

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! I only voted twice! It was my deceased abuela that voted 4 times...may she R.I.P.

Deceased abuelas can do that - in Ireland, we call it the banshee vote. Viva deceased abuelas!

Guin, don't look now, but I think Suzy Q is makin a move to stay in your room. Happy birthday, hubby!

btw - if the rate is that good, make sure it's the Biltmore and not the Biltmoo.

Deceased abuelas wbagnfarb.

OT, but hey - my hometown sheriff's blotter had this to report. Quite Floridian, IMHO -
On Sept. 18 a man dressed as Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" made inappropriate advances toward a female customer at a gas station at Collins and Campus Park drives. The frightened woman called police, and as she was describing the encounter, the suspect was spotted driving by. Deputies successfully detained the man, who was still wearing the Dorothy costume, and determined he was under the influence of illegal drugs. The man, no longer in Kansas, was placed under arrest.


Thinkin' Dorothy needs counseling...

And we are assuming this is NOT milk that was snorked out of nostrils?...

As a public service to the bloglits, here is

And Suzy, I am looking at Nov 8/9, or 9/10 - we'll have to have a drink if it's the 8th!!

Slinks in®

*Will my debit card still work today? Check.*

*Has the Hadron Collider destroyed civilization as we know it since yesterday? Check.*

*pours coffee*

*decides NOT to add cream or milk. Eeeew.*

*makes mental note to snork carefully this morning*

*puts out bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, fruit, bagels and coffee cake for the blogits*

Rest in peace, Paul Newman. What a wonderful man. He will be greatly missed.

so sad, Cat

Farewell, Paul.

Yeah, I just heard about Paul. What a great guy.

My daughter's Irish dancing teachers were in the dancing scene in The Road to Perdition, filmed here in Chicago. Although Tom Hanks is closer to our age, Paul Newman was the one all of us dance moms wanted to know about. He could make the ladies swoon at any age.

Off to an appointment. Hate to post and run, but have a good day, blogits.

Slinks out®

*checks for new posts, old blogits, or spare snacks*

*licks fingertip to capture leftover coffecake molecules*

*wanders sadly off to dental appointment*

Oh sure. I finally have the house, refrigerator and the computer to myself, and we have one old leftover post from yesterday. To add insult to injury, Betsy even took what's left of the Bloglits breakfast.
Might as well do laundry.
**plods off to start chores**

That brought tears to my eyes to hear that Paul Newman was gone. He just seemed so untouched by Hollywood and that was what was so likeable about him. And he did truly seem to be humble.

His standout work with Jackie Gleason in "The Hustler" stands as the quintessential example of two absolute masters of their craft who grew to express a genuine respect for each other. They also demonstrated beyond a doubt that Gleason was no buffoon but a consummate actor who could match Newman strength for strength. This is still my favorite Newman movie.

I've never seen "The Hustler" (though it's now on the list) but I was just watching "Cool Hand Luke" the other night. What a great movie!

Take care Mr. Newman.

Newman was one of my favorites, even though I'm not much of a movie person.

Steve H - there was a lot to Gleason. He played a buffoon, but he also created the Honeymooners and wrote much of it. He was also an orchestra arranger and conductor.

Favorite Newman movie was Butch Cassady and the Sundance Kid.

The thing I liked about Gleason is that, like Oliver Hardy before him, he was remarkably light on his feet and quite a good dancer. Also there is an affectionate good humor to his portrayal of someone like Reggie that you don't see with Foster Brooks' drunk for example. For a really compelling example of Gleason at his most poignant, check out "Soldier in the Rain" with Steve McQueen...

Newman made everything look easy - acting, philanthropy, even his silly racing.

In other news, you'll be relieved to know that charges against the farting felon have been 'diss-mist.'

5:06 p.m. Chicago time, and no sign of Dave or Judi.

(ya think they've been summoned to Washington to Resolve the Crisis?)

Dave/judi makes more sense than McCain/Palin...

judi: "I can see Cuba from my window...!"

Steve, for parts of Miami, that comment is truer than you may think.

"In what sense, Charlie?"

Don't get me wrong; I have no problem with a woman on the ticket ... !

Calle Ocho, senor. I was speaking of Little Havana, all the Cubans in Miami already.

Ah, yes. The milk of humans mindless.

Did someone call for an old blogit up there? Sorry it took so long. These steps are murder.

via con dios, paul.

Where is everybody?

Must be out guzzling milktinis and milkaritas.

First Kim Jong Il drops out of sight, now Dave and Judi. And Ben Stein is complaining about lack of government regulation.

Time to take a Valium and pull the covers over my head. I'll think about it in the morning.

judi can't see Cuba from her window, she's too far north. Siouxie and I, however,...

How much muck could a jock upchuck
If a dumb jock upchucked muck?

Whoa, where is everyone? Looks like a scene from "I Am Legend" around here.

*sets out coffee, wonders if there will be any takers*

You ARE legend, WD.

*grabs coffee, scurries back to the shadows*

Aw, shucks, SQ. Looks like we have a new post.

*makes another pot of Mayan Black Onyx, freshly ground*

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