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September 23, 2008


"Fast-moving tree" stops impaired motorist in Anderson

(Thanks to Matt Blackstone)


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See! I told you so! And they laughed at me when I said that tree... What?


Never mind.

There oughta be a law against those speeding trees is all I'm sayin'.

shorry, ossifer, i wuz bein followed by that moving tree over....there, no, over there, no wait...

the passenger walked away on a broken leg??? guess he was well-medicated also.

Well, I think we can rule out this guy...

In England I saw a sign on the road warning: "Large Plant Turning Ahead". Now I understand.

Chop me down before I kill again.

"You should've payed attention to the maps in Rivendell! Calhoun Street goes straight through Fangorn Forest--the trees talk to each other--and they MOVE!!"

I had the same thing happen to me with a house once.

And everyone said it was MY fault somehow.

I haven't figured it out yet, but somehow this is a plot by the squirrels. I just know it.

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