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September 23, 2008


Clowns face ban on playing trumpets

(Thanks to Siouxie and Jeff Meyerson)


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'Bout time. Everybody knows illegal trumpeting is the gateway crime. How do you think Joker got his start?

Not fair. How else are they going to terrorize little kids??

How about strumpets? Are they banned too??

How about they just ban clowns in general? The world will be a much better place.

Clowns should just be banned, period.

What about the saxophones? Were those 2 okay? Why are we targeting trumpets? Stand up for brass!

"When the law silences the clowns, one wonders who the clowns really are."

When trumpets are outlawed, only politicians will have trumpets?

You can have my trumpet when you take it from my cold, dead, white painted hands...

Ohhh, THAT Birmingham! *wiping brow* Whew!

Our Birmingham, Alabama City Council can continue to meet...

That was my first reaction, too!!!

Our clowns don't plat trumpets. They just bang the drum, slowly.

"...the Government has admitted the legislation is having a disproportionate effect on circuses."

Must be nice. In this country the circus has a disproportionate effect on the government.

But if the clowns lose their trumpets, won't that make them (dare I say it?) mimes?

all right all you clowns. back in the car.

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