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September 26, 2008




This has been your Australian Wildlife Update.

(Thanks to OzGeorge)


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Is this the sequel to Gater vs. Python?

This just isn't a good day for snakes, is it?

Two horrors in one!


*once again crosses Cairns off Visit Ever list*

Urp. That is all.

Seems to me that this so-called "electrical firm" needs to hire a better pest control company. The one they are using now just ain't up to snuff......

And let me say for the record...bllleah ick eewww...


you'll notice this has been identified as a female. she's kicking butt on that old grasshopper/ant fable, which i will point out was characterized by males of the species, food for the entire year in one fell swoop! you go, girl!

Reminds me of about 3 or 4 Far Side cartoons...

"But if this works, we'll eat like kings for WEEKS!"

10000 spider babies: what's for dinner?

spider mom:ummm, snake surprise

babies: leftovers, again?

mom: *sigh*, those were your dad's last words shortly before i mated with his headless corpse...

babies: you're such a romantic...

Excellent breakfast viewing! Again, how do people in Australia go outside and live to tell about it?

The spider and snake are African. Cairns should check their contributors. Therefore: Cairns, Ok, Africa, not so much. (for those two creatures anyway)

No, redback spiders are Australian according to, umm, every reference...

View more pictures...umm..No Thanks!

This story was originally about a South African snake and spider. The South African Brown Button spider is related to the Australian Red Back Spider.

They didn't even change the name of the woman when they changed her country.


But the basic story and pictures are real.

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