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September 22, 2008



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"'Beaver' has been great for me."

Me too.

The Beaver Effect WBAGNFA all-girl band. Just sayin'.

I think many men are affected by beavers.

I always thought the Beaver effect helped me improve my cross country race times.

Coxswain and the Beaver Effects

WBAGNFARB with a male lead

Who can argue with 'Beaver'?

Jerry Mathers continues to amaze.

"'Beaver' has been great for me...

See, Ward? I just wish you hadn't been so hard on the Beaver.

His nickname is Beaver and his name is pronounced menses. Wait. What?

"rise to the verge"

I find it best to only deal with experienced beaver myself...

he's a Manly man. manly men like beaver...
[never mind]

i don't believe June ever said she was upset about it, she was just sayin', that's all.

You're right, nora. She never really complained about it. Although a few times I saw her limping.

That's because she broke a heel while vacuuming.

Oooh, ok. I heard she had pulled a muscle buffing the handcuff scratches out of the bedpost.

and for that very reason AWbh, they now have the super soft, non-scratch 'bracelet' covers.

Thank you, wickedwitch. That is why I hang on this blog. The education.

Guess she never heard of silk scarves either.

*takes notes, opens box of wine*

hah! Pour me a glass cuz I'm headin' home!

My, that's a lovely scarf, Sioux.

Obviously a tongue-in-cheek article, because beavers are unknown in Australia (too many syllables).

"MANLY second-rower Glenn Stewart"

If he were REALLY manly he'd be in the FRONT row.

"I've pulled back a bit this year, and tried to be smarter about picking the right times to get involved..." just seems to fit right in with ANY article in which "Beaver" is in the headline...

Come to think of it, the lines that proceeded that quote should have been included: "I was trying to do a bit too much last season," Stewart said. "I was just a bit too enthusiastic, and that led to a few mistakes."

I give the guy credit. Usually beaver is the reason I screw something up.

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