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September 19, 2008


There is new reason to grope hope.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Ah yes, cheerier prospects. Have a happy day!

Seems hoisting the mizzenmast solves most everything. Yar. Yar. Yadda, yadda.

And if you're an adolescent, you might grab one of your comic books . . . <.a>


Well, it's that season again!

I predict an outpouring of popular support for this treatment!

sooooooo...polish ye sworrrrrrds??

HEY! so what about us wimmin folk???

So in order to stimulate sinus discharge, you need to arrange for testicular discharge?

In honor of ITLAPD, my wife will be shiverin' me timbers and walkin' me plank tonight in exchange for me swashin' her buckles and haulin' her keel.

*puts away the BreatheRite™*

What?? no pillagin' the bunghole, Dread? (nttawwt)


That's for tomorrrrrrrow night, after we decide who gets to be the pillager firrrrrrrst.

Me scurrrrrrrrrrvy husband has always held the belief that this be the cure for every illness known to man.

so, come on everyone, get de-congested?
bwaahaa. and yeah, what about us girl-types, arrr.

I would hate to think that this is all they think we wenches deserve...

For Queensbee.

Yep, this wor...

Umm, sounds interesting!

I like the way this treatment can be "adjusted" according to one's needs.

Hey, getcher nose outta.... WhooWHEEEE! oh, never mind...

Annals of Improbable Research.

Heh, heh. They said "annals".

He DOES make bathtime so much fun. Arrrrh!


Avast ye, lower, matey!

My wife would be embarrassed if she knew I shared... but I have to blow my nose every time we finish up, & sometimes even in the middle!

Oh, that's why the tissues are next to the bed.


Shiver me timbers!!! Tis not a single comment about "blow" jobs here!!

Y'all are a disappointing crowd, to be sure...

Sure hope it doesn't work the other way around as well.

Wow! It rrrrreally worrrrks!!!

Anybody got a cigarette?

Snork @ MAC!

anon, I hate to tell you this, but now judi and Dave are snorking!

(ISP numbers!)

Get stuffed?

And thanks, everybody, for celebrating MY DAY!


Am I the only person disturbed to see a link to "Archive film from the second world war showing a nurse helping a psychiatric patient to a gas chamber" listed under "RELATED INFORMATION" at the bottom of that page?


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