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September 25, 2008


The fashion industry has not forgotten you.

(Thanks to Woozy Barnes, Dave R., and of course, Siouxie)


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Too late, judi. Dave beat you to the punch.

hurry up judi!! delete this before you get fired!

Yay, Siouxie got posted! Again.

I've heard of this trend somewhere before, can't remember where. Guess the mind is the second thing to do. Rats, forgot to do my Kegels again today...sigh.

'the mind is the second thing to Go'...sigh

Mind kegels??

*squeeeeezes brain*

quick - put them on the naked clowns.

Guess this is better than other alternatives.

delete! he's gonna fire ya!! save yourself girl.

*snork* @ Annie's crack photo!

oh and ewwwww!

*turns other cheek to first diaper post*

..because '#2' tried harder.

Dear Fashion Industry,

Please, please, please forget about us. We don't mind. Really.


Baby Boomers

Attractive Adult Diapers are three words that REALLY don't go together...

So...is Japan in Europe or the Middle East?

"Diapers are something that people don't want to look at,"

Gee, ya think?

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