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September 28, 2008



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Crappy tactic, part II.

(Also: Hat Trick!)

Also, welcome back, Dave!

(48+ hours M.I.A.? You oughtn't worry us like that...)

Very nice accomplishment on a Sunday, WD! :)

Related to the defendant in the post below? I surmise; you decide.

PS - Dave, I just sent you a coupla doozies. Check the inbox. :D And welcome back. ;)

I can't decide, would "The Toilet Part Affinities" BAGN... Vote NOW!!!

more on the copper crapper caper...?

Hey, this time it wasn't me!

*SNORKS* at insom!!!

Don't expect me to clean that up.

I'm willing to bet the thief is, oh, say, a plumber.

Cop: Now, just take your time.

Witness at lineup: I don't know. He had on a toolbelt like they're all wearing. Maybe that one there, toward the left...

Cop: Number 4, face the wall and squat; lean forward a little.

Witness: Oh my God! That's him!

I think the real problem here is that there aren't enough spare toilet parts in Sacramento.
And now, this wannabe plumber is taking the last of the working ones for himself.
And he will be called "Toilet Man!"

Should I be concerned that the police have surveillance photos of a man stealing toilet parts?

Witness #1: I think that's him! Toilet Man! Third picture from the left.

Witness #2: Are you sure? He looks a bit flushed.

He'll claim some sort of mental defense, like he's a psycho-ceramic. You know, a crackpot.

Cops, when they nabbed him: "Urinal lot of trouble now, buster."

OT /

For anyone who's interested, 60 Minutes (which is on now) will devote its final story tonite to the Large Hadron Collider. Wouldn't it be cool if Steve Kroft said "What does this button do?" and set off a chain reaction that blew up the Earth??

/ OT

and shoddy reporting as usual.... were they low flow toilet parts? enquiring minds and all that....

Alright! We've got you surrounded! Come out with your pants up!

Stealing toilet parts? That guy's plumb crazy.

*SNORKS* Meanie and Ducky... I've even forgotten the original story, but those comments deserve *snorks* anyway... (Goes back to original story to know why I'm snorking...)

We I should cease and desist IMMEDIATELY!!!

Apparently the thief is still on the run. The cops must not have jiggled the handle.

He holed up in a porta-potty, but the police flushed him out.

He's now headed for the tank.


Go Marlins!

End OT

This just in: the thief was seen driving a brown 1972 Cadillac. Sacramento police, in a rare moment of frivolity, have dubbed it the Septic Tank.

Update: the thief has been traced to a neighborhood in Flushing Meadows. SWAT (Septic Waste And Treatment) teams have sealed off the area.

Latest from Flushing Meadows: The thief has been identified as "Porcelain" Pete Sylvester, his fetish caused by over-zealous potty training (which apparently continued well into his teens).

He heard that the economy's going down the toilet and merely wanted to prevent it.

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