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September 30, 2008




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loo-ny tunes... I mean really... a nurse hat?.. a nurse hat?....

hmm...horseshoes?? for a second there I thought those might be something else.

*looks again*

*head explodes*

looks like a yard sale.

looks like too much iron in her diet.

Wow. That's a serious cesarean scar. Oh. Never mind.

This is obviously a denunciation of man's inherent inhumanity to his fellow man.

Or some weird new bar game.....


Looks kinda kinky to me.

Be sure and buy the artist's book "How To Dispose Of Rotting Junk From Your Attic For Fun And Profit".

Well it is quite clear to me what the artist is intending to say - no, wait, maybe I am confused too. No, wait, I think I see it again. No, wait, dammit!

exactly how do these artists convince people with money that they are 'artists' and not people 'scamming them into paying lots of money to look at old crap'?

The inverted horseshoes signifies that her luck has run out. Which, considering she's sitting nekkid on a terlit festooned with horseshoes and with a nail in her eye pretty well sums it up.

This is so bad, I can' even come up with a comment.

This obviously depicts the frustration women face on a daily basis when our significant others leave the seat down and our wish to hurl very heavy objects at them.

You know what really frosts my glass? The Turner Commission rejected my brilliantly conceived Roadkill on a Chevy Grill sculpture, but Slutty Nurse on a Kohler is finalist.

*nods gravely, fingers on chin, and says "hmm" at Siouxie's explanation*

I like to take a Lucky $h!t every now and then too! Glad to see it immortalized in art!

I may not know art, but I know what I like--wait, never mind...

There has to be a "ringer" joke in here somewhere...but be sure to tell it bedpan deadpan...

Now if it were a REAL nekkid woman, THAT would be art. And Larry Flynt would buy it.

Be sure and buy the artist's book "How To Dispose Of Rotting Junk From Your Attic For Fun And Profit".

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 10:14 AM on September 30, 2008

that's my favorite book!!!

Yeah, Scott, I had the same confused, ponderous reaction to Siouxie's frustration at our leaving the seat down.

I think separate toilets is the only answer left.

Swiss Army Wife?

"Karen Shamponore Prevents Another Gerbil Escape"

How not to play horseshoes . . .

Now, see, boys and girls: this is only one small part of the entire work. If you click on the links, you can see this in context -- a diorama (not diarrhea), with another nekkid mannequin, kitchen supplies, etc.

Then, and only then, can you say, "WTFBBQ!!??"

"The Stinker"
(Not to be confused with the Turner Commission.)

Next year, I'm going to submit Wall Street as an entry. It's much more horrifying than this terlet girl, and maybe I'll win my money back.

Holy sh.... Never mind....

*snork* at Marg's "Lucky $h!t"!

Mr. R and I just ripped out paneling and drywall from the basement today. It's now in a big pile by the curb. We're so avante-garde, I could puke.

Woman in horse shoes; looks different at night on the street corner.


I even looked it up, and still misspelled it.

Speaking of shoes, Siouxie, I sent you a post of these the other day on the bat coffee thread. We saw them at the mall.

what the article didn't tell you is that the installation came with a soundtrack - grunts, groans and the occasional splash. highbrow stuff, that.

Meowrrrrr, Cat!

Cat, I love 'em!!

*snorks* @ Annie's "Stinker" and Marg's "Lucky Sh!t"!

Cathy Wilkes: "My work comes from plain thoughts which are glamourously made up to survive in the world of art."

Oh, glamour...that's the word I was looking for....no, not so much.

Stephen Deuchar, director of Tate Britain and 2008 Turner Prize chairman, said: "Cathy’s work is not always going to be comfortable for the viewer. It’s like fragments of episodes in her life that we are not quite sure about. At some level, she’s inviting us to share issues that are deeply personal, almost too personal. One of the strongest visual features is the shop mannequin which has several attachments around her head. It is almost as if the mind is burdened with too many ideas.

I'd say Cathy's mind was burdened with too many ideas and she didn't need to share 'em.

Any one want to hazard a guess as to how you pronounce Deuchar? What I'm thinking of fits in nicely with the "art" on display.

Yes, emkay. That would explain a lot. I, too, have often thought of wrapping myself with horse shoes, whilst nakedly taking a crap. It's as if she read my mind!

Dave, judi, please go ahead and post some more to push this off our screens. Millions Thousands Hundreds Four or five computers sitting there displaying this can't be doing the economy any good...

Which brings me to this disturbing thought/question:

Is that a hot water bottle or an enema bag??

When I first pulled up today's offering and saw the photo my knee jerk reaction was "What the h3ll?!?!?"

When I first saw it, I thought it was a promotion for FOX's newest arrogant/hip hospital shitcom, "OUTHOUSE."

I would ask why Cathy isn't sharing her drugs, but I don't want to be burdened with the same ideas that are floating around in her head.

THANK GOD! A new post! ----------->

Dat doan make no senz. Dis pubby caint rap hers paws round dis one. woof.

Cathy, I know a way to let the ideas out of your head... *reaches for revolver*

Cathy Wilkes needs to get in touch with reality a shrink Serge

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