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September 19, 2008




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and arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr me hearties. this day needs to be a legal holiday, dontcha think?? of course, then we wouldnt be able to talk like a pirate at work.....

Nice mast, matey!

I'll be takin' the aRRRRR train to work today (arrrr).

And getting me a hot pirate babe 2009 calendarrrr.


Fer those that haven't seen it yet, heeerrrrrre
is wheeerrrrre ya get yer pirrrrate name!

And heeerrrre is where the Blogettes hang out...

If anyone is going to unleash their inner buccaneer I suggest they do it in the privacy of their own home lest they be arrested.

Awwwwww - we had that pirate ship when the boy was little.

Ours wasn't accessorized by an oosik, though.

THat's the cutest picture I've seen.

Ahoy, me hearrrrties!

That Walter is lookin' mighty fine. Is that a giraffe on the back of the boat?


Walter be a fine cap'n too! He can shiverrrrr me timbers any ol' time.

Avast! It's good to see that Walter ain't bein' no lubber today.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr me hearties, here is where you get yer Pirate Acronyms.

Celebrate by renting this movie...

...and here be the trailer

BYMD - Blow Yer Man Down.

I be thinkin' the scurrrvy men on this blog will like this one.


RSJ, I liked this acronym:


What would Long John Silver’s Parrot do? "

Aye Cap'n Tess, that were me favorite also..

Which way ye be headin'?

His parrot?

What about his cat ... ??

Ah that be a fine ship!

For those needing to pratice up on their pirate...the 5A's

Yarrr, it be dependin' on what "arrrr" is ...

Gee thanks, Barnacle Bill...! Can't we get away from politics for one day?

Here, play with this instead...

Just surfacin' to give a (hoarse, caffeinated) "Arrrrrr!" to the guy who helped start it all, on behalf of John and Mark (who are in Philadelphia playin' pirate celebrity while I try to keep the Talk Like A Pirate Day Web site afloat). Have ye seen this yet?

this yet?

Ahoy, Jezebel!

Keep reading ^^^ up there ^^^ -- every single post today has been piratized!!

And, yes, we're so proud to be part of this international holiday!


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