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September 13, 2008


The fake-mold anti-theft sandwich bag.


(Thanks to DavCat)


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Thanks, Dave, now I don't need to take my appetite suppresant.

I hope everyone in Texas made in through OK.

So they won't steal it. But will they see it's moldy and throw it in the trash?

That would be me, oneblank... I'm a champion tosser.

That is so freaking brilliant! I need one.

I have a sudden urge to fly and put all my dangerous stuff in one of these, just to see the look on the security guy's face.

if you put your stuff in it at the airport, will the screeners be more or less likely to search it?

If you're thinking about getting past airport security, you'll have a lot worse to worry about than sandwiches...

You need to check out this guy's website. Google Sherwood Forlee and see what other inventions he's come up with.

Typo alert, yo! Areospace => Aerospace?

In college I used a black magic marker to write 'spoiled' on all my milk jugs, cereal boxes, saran-wrapped items. I wish I had taken it a step further like this guy.

I've got brown sandwiches and green sandwiches.

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