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September 24, 2008


Chinese Lederhosen

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Is that lead in your lederhosen or are you... Oh. It is lead.

"aitresses in their Dirndl dresses began heaving handfuls of one-liter Mass glasses of rich Munich beer through the 14 giant tents"

It sounds so, so...beautiful. *sob*

Hmmm, adds missing "W." Looks suspiciously at bot.

I ordered a cabinet recently that was made in China. It came with 2 left doors and a smell of formaldehyde. I raise my fist in honor of the Bavarians (and hope someone shoves a beer into it).

The bot was made in China...

You didn't mention that Chinese Lederhosen WBAGNFARB, Dave.

I just wonder what the Chinese workers think it is they're making. To save them humiliation, their bosses probably tell them the lederhosen are kinky bondage harnesses. Hey, turn 'em around backwards and tighten the suspenders and they'd probably work.

so would our prominent public women wear the dirndl?

Oompah Loompah bands in Germany?? Who knew?

Sorry, I can't help it, I keep thinking of these things...

"The Munich Oktoberfest... got off to a rousing start with almost a million visitors downing 450,000 liters of beer over the opening weekend."

I'd hardly call it "rousing". That's not even a pint a person.

They've got a lot of catching up to do.

♫♫ Du bist die Rose
die Rose vom Wörthersee

ho lio lio li ho li e
ho lio lio li e

Du bist die Schönste
die Schönste vom Strandcafe

ho lio lio li ho li e
ho lio lio li e ♫♫

*high school German class flashback*

*WAVES* at Cat...

"Not so, say Bavarian purists, who have warned that Bavaria’s proud heritage is under threat from cheap imported Lederhosen and Dirndl dresses made in China, India and Eastern Europe."

If they drink enough beer,it won't matter.

I know I avoid cheap lederhosen at all costs myself.

un-p.c. remark:


Waves at Steve...

awww, looks like the stein is empty. Poor Puss...

And what, if anything, is the UN doing to address this abomination?!?

Well I'm for it. I can enjoy my coffee and paper on misty, Bavarian forest mornings.

I pictured smallish Asian men with oversized lederhosen, like the hillbilly in a barrel with suspenders and dancing to accordian "music". I like my picture better. And I'm sorry.

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