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September 22, 2008


Don't worry, this is safe.

(Thanks to Matt Filar, who asks "You want fries with that?")


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No crustaceans!! not for me, then....

166% of fat requirements...yum.

You may not die from allergies, but you will die from the clogged arteries this thing will give you.

Obesity epidemic? What obesity epidemic?

But look at all the calcium! You'll have strong bones to carry all that saturated fat around.

Can you get it deep-fried?

This one is even better:


My doctor wouldn't like this at all. He advised me to cut back on coffee.

Unless... can I have mine made with decaf?

funniegrrl -- that last ingredient on your link just made me laugh ...

and laugh...

and laugh...


"that last ingredient on your link just made me laugh ..."

Not to mention making your car go really fast...

propellant: nitrous oxide

It will propell you right to your heart attack.

Hold the fries, I'm on a diet.

The list of ingredients looks like a Dow Chemicals catalog.

2300 calories per serve! One of these babies could feed a family of four from Chad for a month. Or a Tennessee truck driver for an hour.

I thought that said "Health Shake", but something tells me it doesn't.

This toffee/coffee mix begins with Heath ice cream blended with coffee, Heath Bar candy pieces and caramel, topped with whipped cream and even more Heath Bar candy pieces.

Um, can I get it with extra candy pieces?

i think i might throw up.

but parker and chris are very excited.

If it takes more than a minute to read the label of ingredients it probably isn't worth eating. Look at Haagen Daz: Cream, milk, sugar, eggs, vanilla. Nuff said.

Just YUM!!

The worst thing about this is the fact that at the bottom of that list of ingredients (which looks conspicuously similar to the MSDN form for sulphuric acid. but I digress) is a DISCLAIMER.

The disclaimer states (in a more verbose way):
That these may or may not be all of the ingredients actually found in the shake.
There may in fact be other things that are in the shake or not in the shake depending on things like:
What season it is. How clean it is in the restaurant.
And last but not least, the age of the teenagers who are whipping this dilly up.

Thank you.

i gained three pounds just reading that!

now that's my kind of diet shake :-P


No Michael Phelps jokes yet? None?

OK, I'll check back later.

"I'm on a diet. Just go grab me a shake or something, honey."

I have to say, even for us here in America, land of conspicuous consumption, this product is a bit obscene. I want one.

Can I supersize that???

"Variations may occur due to: seasonal conditions; regional differences; ingredient substitutions and differences in product assembly or size at the restaurant. Dairy ingredients contain naturally occurring trans fats."

With "variations" at one end of that, and "trans-fats" at the other... I'm scared.

My family ties to Louisiana compel me to point out, it is "crawfish," NOT "crayfish!"...

Can we add this to the menu of the blogbar? If so, I'll take two...

It's not all bad, it has 2 grams of fiber.....and look at all that calcium too. burp

Tree nuts? What the hell are tree nuts?

If they're anything like TruckNutz, Matt, I don' wanna know.

Peanuts grow in the ground; walnuts and pecans, and such, grow on trees.

My butt is healed now, thanks for asking. Yes, i'm pretty sure I'm a Terminator, if the entire rear half of my body healed in 24 hours, after my bike spill. I'm up now walking around normally, butt I hear Terminator dread music when I move. Next time somebody sees me flat on my back, they should toss my chip in the furnace.

No eggs, no fish, no peanuts, AND no wheat?!?!?!?!?!?

Count me out!

Great Stuff.
I'm going to scoff a quarter pounder with large fries and then wolf down a heath shake and then make sure i'm right outside Cedars Sinai - so all they have to do is wheel me in!

BTW how many Weight Watchers Points is that?

Tree nuts are those guys who chain themselves to trees, none of whom are in the beverage . . .

Tree nuts?

add: do not drink this unless accompanied by a cardiologist.
64 grams of fat -- 2 days worth of the national standard.

I'd be a bit frightened if any of Baskin Robbins' shakes did contain "crustaceans"!

Thanks for the heads-up, anyway.

It's a good thing that the primary ingredient is "Reduced fat milk". If they used whole milk, this thing might be bad for you.

dazzle-- it's 55 points

Hey Matt, you know the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts, don't you?

Beer nuts cost around 50 cents, but deer nuts are just under a buck.

(Wisconsin humor)

To get rid of all these calories all you have to do is go run 17 miles.
You either burn them up or throw them up. Either way, you win.

(Doesn't really want to play in a game where vomiting constitutes victory celebration. At least not since college.)

"Tree nuts are those guys who chain themselves to trees, none of whom are in the beverage . . . "

Too bad, Mahatma...at least it would up the protein content.

More bad choices for food here.

At least they use butter instead of trans fat. I'll take good old fashioned butter over those manufactured trans fats (aka "hydrogenated oils" and "modified oils") any day!

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