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September 20, 2008



(Thanks to DavCat)


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Hope it was worth it. From the look of things, he's gonna be eating Gerber's for the rest of his life.

Also, my first hat trick. In slow motion. At least Dave's here to see it. ;-)

THE suspected museum thief who was impaled by a sharp spike on the top of a security fence in his rectum

he has a security fence in his rectum?!?

*waves to WD*

@southerngirl: He does now.

What positively shocks me is that this exemplar of humanity is 32 and lives with his parents.

WriterDude, who eats Gerber with their asshole?

Hiyer, sg! LTNS -- was just thinking about you and southernman the other day, when I heard me some Tab Benoit on the radio. When y'all coming back for a visit? ;-)

*snork* Lizzy, that's not the, um, end of the process I was thinking of...

Rectum? It nearly killed 'em!

Ah. I hear ya, WriterDude.

I need some alcohol just to deal with seeing this picture. Yeowch!

Har! It just occurred to me -- the fence has an asshat.

If you've never been to London to see an impaling, you really ought to go sometime. A lot of them look like that one, but many are a 'spot' more gorey.

Goodness - they should put up a sign warning people that the fence is very dangerous. Poor man!

bah! amateurs!

(check out the woodblock print midway down)

mike, i know that can't really shock you ;)

WD, where the heck did you hear tab?!?

and, to answer your questions, me and southernman are no more - happened about 2 months after we met up with you guys

my choice

second answer, i'm planning a trip back up your way right after christmas

wanna meet again for drinks? ;)

sgirl, sorry to hear ;-( but your choice so.. :-)

oh and ouchie! He's not gonna be sittin' any time soon.

Yeah, Siouxie. Maybe he could stand at the bar and buy Southerngirl a drink. Sounds like he's single. He could borrow his mom's car.
(s'girl - wow, and you sound great, but I think you scared writerdude away!)

Siouxie, I got your message back on yesterday's thread, and replied there. Basically, you can see the same Ronon-rich episode repeated next Friday at 9, and a new episode at 10 with Michael Shanks reprising his role as Dr Daniel Jackson from the old Stargate series. Maybe you can set a VCR or TiVo? (I myself am now down to 2 working Betamaxes...!)

In the meantime, if you're a Heroes fan, Monday at 9 is the 2-hour season premiere, preceded by an hour of "previouslies". (I'll pass that up for Terminator) And I hope you got to see the wrenching season premiere of House -- they can just send Hugh Laurie his Emmy now as far as I'm concerned.

(No, I have no life. None at all...)

i didn't mean to!

and i really don't want him (security fence rectum guy, that is) to buy me a drink

he can buy one for siouxie instead

you're welcome, sioux ;)

Did the surgeon have to apply butt glue?

i'm guessing here. but apparently the decendants of Vlad the Impaler have been living in South Africa and HATE this poor sucker.

oh yeah

and speaking of "alcohol may have been involved" have i mentioned

CUBS = NL Central Champs!

sorry MLP puntualization has never been my strong suit. i was a history major.

up yours....

jazz...LSU is pretty much sucking right now, and i have yet to see an astros score

but...who dat!

tomorrow :)

*tosses up an extra 'Z'*

hey sg......the 'Stros did ok for the firstm ont or so, then collapsed, now playing weell, but too late.

LSUcks just went ahead !! Who knew?
BTW....good to hear from you. Hope you are okay from all the storms......................Jazzzz

Slinks in®

Har! It just occurred to me -- the fence has an asshat.

Posted by: WriterDude | 05:26 PM on September 20, 2008


Just got back from seeing Ghost Town. Don't miss this one -- very funny. I laughed, I cried. I mostly laughed. A lot.

He was "discharged without their knowledge" according to the cops ...

Hmmmmmmmm ... merely wonderin' whut impaired their observational abilities and such ...

Tho I gotta think, that "discharge" might be the least painful one he's gonna have for a while ...

sg and WD, is me rude jumping in and asking if I can invite myself to drinks witchooz?

I just catched a mouse well, almost a mouse. kinda tiny.

Wyo, that is too cute.

frodo, glad to hear your mom is recovering well.

That's pretty tiny, Wyo.

As for the guy on the fence, I hope he makes his mind up soon! We could call him Dalv the Impaled.

And, with this, I'm *finally* caught up with the mad rush of posts Dave (and Judi) have been posting for the last two months! *whew*

I've been to museums...and really, I usually like museums...that a fence up the behind would be WAYY more exciting.

Sorry for the unannounced exit, folks -- been busy having dinner out with Lester/Mrs. WriterDude and dealing with my site host's apparent constipation support staff (who are most excellent, BTW).

sg: I offer both my sympathies and my congratulations. It is my understanding that both apply in this situation. Have a blogbar mojito on me for now.

As for drinks after Christmas, hmmmm... that may be affected by tomorrow's outcome, methinks. If the Saints come marching in and use Bush/McAllister to expose the Broncos' linebackers, or Cutler/Marshall scorch your secondary for 200 yards or more, well... let's just agree to a non-gloat clause ahead of time, shall we? (Other than that bit of football humor, the answer from both of us is: hell yeah, and we'd be extremely disappointed if it didn't happen!)

Cat R.: I have never in my married life been both slinked and snorked. Thank you for that.

frodo -- I have not yet had a chance to catch up with you, but I'm taking Cat's take and saying the same with respect (and good thoughts!) to your mom. As for your question to southerngirl, I can't resist answering for her: probably not, as long as you agree that the original plan doesn't get shanghaied by your companions into something completely different show up in your own car with some flexibility, okay? ;-)

For everyone else -- please try not to be too surprised that a post of this length, at this hour, and in this particular thread, does not have CJ's name at the bottom (har!).

Say! Is that one of those Republican sex scandals?

WD, "wha..???" I was grown in No'th Carolina, grew up in Mississip... And mom was born and raised in Baton Rouge, so most of my extended family are still in Louisiana. I know how to treat Southern Gal...!

You've probably seen in the movies how "Suth'in boys" give a wet, sloppy kiss on the back of the hand of Southern women, (which is WRONG!!!!)! I know how to do it right, and will demonstrate to you, if you and sg agree to meet me for drinks!

And, of course, if Southerngirl is allowing, as I would not presume otherwise.



That reminds me; time to fire up the gril and smoke a turkey!

Go Jacksonville Jaguars! Beat the Indianapolis Baby Horses!

CJ, when they open up the Lucas Lid, you will see the Baby Horses trample the Jags...

Hi all. You may be interested in our first report - and more pics - of this genius. You can see them at http://blogs.dispatch.co.za/dispatchnow/2008/09/04/thief-impaled-on-museum-fence-pics/

over here in the states, we prefer to roast weinies on sharp pointy sticks.

pssst, o, at the hospital, cj and i saw an entire room reserved for discharge. i thought the carpeted floor was a bad choice.


I got stuck dangling on a fence once. I was about eight years old. Everyone managed to scramble over the top spiky things except me and the back of my winter coat.

Fortunately, it was not very high, and it was on my own block, and my friends were there to help me down (as soon as they stopped laughing). And it most certainly did not involve a rectum.

The real pain? 'Splainin' to my mom how I ripped my good jacket! Talk about tearing me a new @$&#*(3!

awww, poor kitty...

morning, all

jazzz, thanks, we made out okay

LTTG, but frodo: yes!

i'd love to meet you, too :)

shoot me an e-mail (addy's good) and we can talk about it

and a much belated *SNORK* @ Rectum? It nearly killed 'em!

Morning, Cat! This is the 2nd day in a row you and I have woken up together been among the earliest of those posting on Dave's blog! (People ARE going to talk, ya' know!!...) (Thanks again for your prayers for my mom... haven't had any updates, but if I DID have any, at this point in her recovery, it probably would have been a BAD update, so "no news, good news" kinda thing going on!)

I'm sure I'll get a call later on, after everyone's had a chance to have "scones and jam," with an update that will be a positive one.

Just, I REALLY gotta talk to Dad about how to prepare us in advance on these things: WHICH IS NOT, "Well, she didn't need the major reconstructive surgery, just the simple surgery... She's now in the ICU with a breathing tube..."

"UMMM, Say 'gain?"

Scared the #)$)*%&^ing beJeminies wits outta' me!!

(Gotta talk to dad...)

Thanks again, bud!


Frodo, forgive me but I gotta ask: How come the need for a breathing tube with surgery on the shoulder ?


Mom's got congestive heart failure, so putting her under gas, well... it's always a risk...


Ah, so. So sorry. You know all us bloglits are with you. If humor will help, you know where to come. That's right, McCain and Obama. But also here...

Ahem: humor



I didn't even read the article, I just clicked on your link... (Hopefully, later on, I'll actually read the article!)

Haven't heard the latest news on my mom, which as I previously posted, at this point, no news=good news!)

Just, don't do that again. I'm running out of computers...



(OK, go ahead and do that again, just know... I want donations!!!)

oh, frodo, i'm sorry

i missed the earlier comments about your mom

she'll be in my thoughts, as will you

Frodo, there are lots worse problems than spilling beer on your computer

snorks all around. that's a hard picture to look at.

Steve, you knew, going into this, that that was wrong... jus' saying...


It was wrong...

(*Secretive SNORKS*)

*snork* @ crossgirl for 'discharge' room. Right after knee surgery, I told the nurse I was nauseous. Instead of a sip of ginger ale or some crackers, she gave me a shot of painkillers, which made me even more vomit-worthy. Tried to make it to the sink in the nurses' break room....instead, I 'discharged' on their coffee maker.


Thanks for your concerns, and I just got a call from my sister that mom's going home from the hospital today!! THANK YOU ALL for your prayers and thoughts and feng shui, and whatever you all did, but it worked!!

Southerngirl, As for me…

Grandma was pure Cajun… direct descendant (surname: “Lemee”, which happens to be my mom’s first name) of the guy who built the third (that’s 3rd…) “English-style” home in the Louisiana Purchase. Rumor has it, there was a tunnel from his home to the river for smuggling purposes. Here’s my bona-fides… the name of the town, where this house was built, was Natchitoches, but the locals pronounce it “Nack-i-tush”. Are you convinced yet that I’m not only southern, but also Cajun?” Laissez les bon-temps roullez!!

What part of Louisiana you from? I’ll be down in Maxi (near Lafayette) in April for big times!!! (Meaning, not only the regular Good Friday crawfish boil, but also celebrating Mom and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary and baby brudder’s renewal of wedding vows, which we siblings were unable to attend the first time around…) Maybe you and I could meet up for dinner or drinks when I’m down there? Where exactly in LA do you live?


I do NOT know if it is "Samsung" or "AT&T", but, I am officially declaring, that... "MY CELL PHONE SUCKS GARBAGE AND SEWER RATS!!!!!" ("I'm frodo, and I approve of this political message!")


YEAH ANNIE! I had surgery a couple of months ago...in the hospital I work in. I puked in the trash can, as I had nothing else. My husband was running around trying to find a puke bucket or a nurse. He was the one that tossed..haha..the trash can to me. Hubby took the can for a walk, asking rather loudly for my nurse. It worked. I got my anti-nausia meds and the invite to spend the night. No thanks. Mom (CICU nurse for years) and Hubby took wayyy better care of me. I wish I could have made it to their coffee pot!

I wish I could have made it to their coffee pot!


i'm gonna sooooo have to use this sometime, at some point

course, nobody else will get it, but i will ;)

frodo: yes, i'm convinced! (not that i didn't believe ya before!)

and, not only can i say 'natchitoches', i can also spell it! ;)

e-mail me if'n ya wanna, and i'll tell ya where i live, and how things can work out for a meet

i think it can happen :)

Greetings! Speaking of meetings, I just got back from lunch with nora ,(her boys) and the s.b. It was great meeting yet another bloglit!

frodo, good to hear your Mom's going home.

cg, how ya feeling? Most importantly, when can you have a beer??

This looked kinda handy, if you put it on a real IV stand.

(OT - I'm watching old Yankee Stadium games on mlb.com - right now they're showing the 1977 World Series - Dodgers vs. Yankees - too fun, for any baseball fans)

Congrats to Buffalo and (wow) Myami!!

Go Jags.

Ummm, southerngirl, you believe me about kissing the back of your hand, doing it right, without the slobbery kiss?

WOO HOOO! Dolphins! ;-P

Annie, I'd like one of those with vodika, please....

*crank calls frodo*

Here ya go, Sioux.

Hey, Sioxie, my Rockies are out of the running, I'm feeling lonely, my mom's coming out of surgery, I'm drunk out of my mind, ... crank call me all you want! Loves!!

#69 ;-0

Siouxie ALWAYS gets that number...sheesh!


I just put in request to the blog to extricate that (*STOOPID*) post of mine... thanks for the *boff* off the side of me' head, as well as from WriterDude... Been a rather bothersome weekend all around, and I forgot myself, and only remembered the booze.

Thanks for being a friend!


Fer cryin' out loud, frodo's going all Golden on us...

frodo, I figured you'd be regretting posting that and I also emailed judi about it just in case.

Next time...I may have to *SMACK* ya!

and it's gone ;-)

thank you, judi!! you are the bestest!!!!

Hey, thanks, judi!

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