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September 23, 2008


Is it cheese or $500k whale vomit?

(Thanks to Siouxie and Jeff Meyerson)


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"Czabordnik...pick up!"...


"Pick Up"..


"Feel like Whale Vomit?"...

"Yea, feel like whale vomit"...


"Wha?...." etc....

*sniff* Yep, it's definitely whale vomit, cheese is stinkier.

You beat me to it, Siouxie.

Some say the "disgusting" squarish white block, the size of a 44-gallon drum, is cheese - possibly brie, while others believe it is ambergris, or whale vomit.

Do the taste test and get back to us.

A mysterious object that washed up onto a beach in Wellington, New Zealand is now thought to be whale vomit.

No word on France surrendering??

*sticks tongue out @ Jeff*

Yes, ladies, that perfume you're wearing may have whale vomit in it. Makes you more attractive to creatures of the deep.

Sigh, too bad cat furballs aren't valuable.

I knew there was ANOTHER reason not to wear stinky stuff... If I want to smell good, I'll vomit on MYSELF, thankyewverymuch...

cheaper too, eilbeback.

I like the way you girls think!

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