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September 26, 2008


He clearly didn't read the operating instructions.

(Thanks to someone, but we can't figure out who)


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The streets are surely safer tonight. The police won't rest until every wayward Cruzin' Cooler is off the str--um, sidewalks.

Wern't me what sent this in.

Quick, get him a Florida driver's license so they have a driver's license to suspend for 90 days!

Hope he'll be careful about animals he could run into . . .

The year's model will be upgraded to come with its own designated driver.

*snork* @ MKJ! Let's take her to Disneyland - plenty of good hunting there.

MKJ - thanks. I want that on a T-shirt.

Reminds me of Arte Johnson, an old man in a raincoat on a tricycle hitting something and falling down...

Allen - I bet you could run tubing thru that old tricycle, and fill it with vodka. No one would ever know.

I forgot to sign my name but, and ISIANMTU, I sent in the article!

It speaks to the sorry state of reporting that I had to link to several sites before I could locate a picture of the vehicle in question...

JJ...and then when I got there, it turned out this boon to humanity has been DISCONTINUED!!!

*Sigh* I suppose they're working on a hybrid version.

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