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August 24, 2008


It's definitely not here.


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Thanks to Dave the conventions will be almost bearable. ALMOST.

Yay! Dave's on the job!

WHat Siouxie said.

Excellent and accurate as ever, Dave.

And so much better than Chris Matthews, drooling or otherwise.

How does Dave plan to introduce his own name into the candidate nominations? Tripping up the Obama and Clinton supporters with an oosik as they rush to the podium will only go so far ... ?

Are you doubting the "Walter" factor, Steve? They'll be looking out for Hillary to try to run away with the nom...not Dave. He's definitely got a chance.

And so it's on to the convention...

As a Muslim Vampire Lesbian Socialist I am still voting for this man and his running mate. I know they are the best choice for this country.

Hey look at that I didnt link to manilow or jackson I must be getting better or not.

ducks Siouxie.

You're safe, Ex-Addict cuz I didn't click ;-P

I can't wait to see who McCain picks for the VP spot. He'll need to attract the Buddhist Werewolf Transvestite Communist voters. Gonna be tough.

If it's anyone else than Mitt Romney he can kiss Michigan goodbye. That won't necessarily get him my vote; but there are enough people here who fondly remember his father, Gov. George Romney and all he did for the state (myself included)that Mitt is definitely the key to the Michigan vote...

So Obama is the candidate of change, doing away with failed traditional politics -- and to show that he selects a 30-year career politician with 2 failed Presidential bids on his resume. C'mon, Dave has failed to win this election way more than Biden!

Siouxie word on the street is he just might pick such a person.

But you have to admit that Obama made a smart choice in choosing someone that could as attack dog for him, much like Cheney has done for Bush.

So the best choice for Dave's Veep seems clear...

LMAO Ex-Addict! I kinda like Joe. Kinda.

Sharkie, I don't think His Blogness should settle for the #2 spot.

I think that if Dave does'nt go with his running mate.

Wow that last post got really mangled.


oh never mind I dont have it in me. At least I was able to post a pic of Ralph Wiggum.

Or maybe I wasnt able to.

No.. no.. McCain is going to pick Hillary Clinton as his running mate. She'll accept because of the prospects of a bloodless coup, and then the tables will be turned with McCain as HER whipping boy...er... fall guy...er... VP.

As we speak, Dave, I am composing my own report on the DNC. It is based on my extensive exposure to out-of-town-ers wearing more blue shirts than you could have amassed in your lifetime delegates and conventioneers while bar hopping dining and strolling with Mrs. WriterDude along the 16th Street Mall last night.

If I am not able to snag a major interview subject (say, Chris Matthews or higher on the scale) this week, may I interview you? I'll buy the pints.

That's the most accurate convention coverage I have ever read. Hillary, "Are you KIDDING me?" and Barack "the bat" Obama. Hilarious!

There may be a lot of writers (and others) going "Dude...!" at the Denver convention...

the trick is to watch the coverage on comedy central, where jon stewart will be holding forth and making sure that nobody changes the channel to cspan.

christine, i too loved that 'are you KIDDING me?' line... oh snork. and i was at least marginally a hillary supporter ;)

judi, I LOVED that line too and I wasn't a Hillary supporter. LOL too freakin' funny!

the perfect running mate for ralph wiggum, cheney to his 'w.', is him!

Yay! MORE columns from Dave. We're going to start thinking that he isn't "retired" anymore.

And that Hillary line deserves its own Pulitzer (and I *am* a Hillary fan.)

I never made it past the headline of this story.

Someone please pass the brain bleach

That bites.

I'm not a Biden fan. Then again, I don't suffer from insomnia.

In the spirit of "change" I understand they're going to have a cute 7 year old lip synch the National Anthem to open the convention.

If anyone is supremely bored interested, my report on last night's DNC-vicinity events is now up. (For the uninitiated, just click on my name below.)

Well, even the great Boswell had to start somewhere...

Yay! More Dave columns! It might make enduring the political conventions worthwhile. I think his last sentence said it all.

WD, I'm looking forward to more of your postings, as well.

So, in true Blog tradition, will there be live blogging of the snorefests conventions?


>>>>Please click on the links below or copy & paste in your browser



JD, I don't need that kind of pressure will try not to disappoint you.

When looking at this election's choices, I'm left with one question.

"Where's Harold Stassen when we need him?"

(and don't bother pointing out that he's dead, btw... That never stopped Bob Dole!)

Hello! ....hello.... helllooo.....helllllll

Hah! an unattended, unguarded blog bar. life is good.

WriterDude, I didn't know you were in Denver (or are you just here for the convention?) If you're (not your) a Denverite, maybe we could get together at a real (not blog) bar, or better yet a Rox game.


*plops down on blog sofa with an icy Rolling Rock*
How's it going, Wyo??

hey, bali! mind if I join ya' w/ that Rolling Rock?

just fine, bali. enjoy the RR.

Frodo, you must have missed the Wyo/Writerdude photos, from my trip to Denver.

frodo, I'm down -- I caught sometime ago that you're (not your) in Aurora, and tried to catch up with you one night a few weeks ago (that 'question' I had for you but kept missing you).

I'm in Brighton -- you ever get up this way?

got an extra Rolling Rock for me?

(pulls up a stool)

snork @ as much executive experience as Hannah Montana

Have a few clients up in the Brighton area- if I schedule them at the end of the day, and it's beer-thirty? We're there!

Wyo, I did miss those. I kind of "binge" on Dave: sometimes I'm here all the time, othertimes I'll go a few days without.

PS -- if you look in my links section, you should be able to find the pix Wyo took to which he earlier referred.

*Waves* @ Wyo!

Okay, now we've had our first "simul" -- this has to happen, and now we have to bring our women. ;-)

OK, then! (OH, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!!!!!!!!! Omar Quintanilla goes yard with a 12th inning walk-off, and they interrupt it with a "weather emergency alert"????... Switches from Rolling Rock to Jack Daniels...)

*slides frodo a lagavulin.*

Jack's ok, but sometimes you need the good stuff.

NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!...they DID IT AGAIN DURING THE F'ING REPLAY!!! I blame global warming...

and speakin' of writerdude, photos and women...

Thanks, Wyo! Unfortunately, I can't afford the good stuff! Ever try Knob Creek?

which is algore's fault, frodo. He invented global warming, after all.

ROFLMAO!!! And checked your pic- WD, glad to know you're (not your) an Avs fan!

Knob Creek, Pendleton, and Maker's Mark are all good.

Oban, Talisker and Lagavulin are on another level. I'll have to treat you to some next time I'm in Denver. (sep 5-7, btw. gonna be in town?)

frodo, check (what I hope is) your email...


Having Mojo IPA from Boulder, but the last shot of Jim Beam Black (also acceptable) went into the barbecue sauce. I'm with you in good bourbon spirit (har!).

I've tried Knob Creek and Maker's Mark (Dad's favorites), but none of the others... looking forward to jumping up to the next level. I'll check my schedule on 9/5-7... [email protected] to keep in touch w/ me, but I'll be back on this blog tomorrow to let you know about my schedule...

Oops -- also shoulda said I caught the Quintanilla walk-off just before Comcast EAS'd our tube. Very nice comeback against one of the worst teams in the league.

Looking forward to Avs camp...

Great post!!

Horay! Dave's on the job! :D

Must tend to fire/ribs next little while -- be back soon.

smells good, wd.

Hey, WD, if the bourbon goes into the BBQ sauce, it's the knock-off brand... never mix the good stuff!

ummm, we guy bloggers have seemed to dominate this link recently. Apologies. We would now like to reinvite the bloggettes back.

perhaps we should offer free bloggaritas...

(to lure the gals back, of course. Annie's gotta be out there some where!)

S'ok, frodo, we owe the bloggals more than a few hijacked threads -- and we be talkin' 'cue!

So look at my blog and type "Limited Time Offer" into the search box at top right. There you will find both my recipe for sauce, and the philosophy I learned regarding putting "the cheap stuff" into the food.

my mouth's waterin' already, wd.

WD, some say the "3-Bs" are "Brahms, Beethoven, and Bach"... no, no, no... BASEBALL, BARBECUE, and BOURBON!!! Yeah, I'll check your (not... oh, nevermind) site for the recipe!

And great idea, Wyo! I'm buying first round for all! Bloggaritas, mojitos, whatever!!!


Oh, and I'll even tend bar!!!!

"Where have all the blogettes gone?
Long time pa-assing?
Where have all the blogettes gone?
Long time ago?
Where have all the blogettes gone?
Gone to another blogbar everyone...
When will they ever learn?
When will they e-ever learn?"

I'll take one, frodo.

Great story, writer. I'm sure you'll have some juicy BBBQ stories for us to add to Dave's.

It's gonna be a great week!

Hey, med. you'll need this...

*slides a chardonay (add your own emphasis) down the bar.*

Why, thank you, cowboy. Come here often?

sorry Wyo, was in the john, or I would'a gotten that... Then again, med may be thinkin', "Nope, jus' fine, frodo, go wash your hands again..."

*zaps in a min*

*watching the Olympics - closing ceremony*

Talk amongst yourselves.

I've been here once or twice.

It's like watching Power Rangers on crack, huh, Siouxie?

*snork* @ bali!!! no sh!t

This made me giggle: Here.

Jackie Chan!

Siouxie, I want a sparkly hat for Easter!

The 80's called. They want their tracksuits back.

LOL bali, I want the lighted tracksuit.

kinda early for Easter requests, ain't it?

LOL Wyo...I've seen that and it's so funny

Well, I like to plan ahead, Wyo. Have time to get the right shoes.

*flaps in for a moment*

So sorry I missed the BBQ, but we were out having Mexican food. It was soooo good.

*Snork* @ Power Rangers on crack!

Yo, Duck! How's it flappin'?

No flappin' right now, bali, just waddlin'. Stuffed with enchiladas and guacamole. Yummmm.

Shawn Johnson reminds me of someone.

shoot, bali, you're lookin' in the wrong places! Try here!

Hola, Duckness!!!

WOOT! Wyo, those'll look great with my new hat. I think that's all I'll wear: those boots and that hat.

Howdy, Siouxie! How's the empty nest?

bali, my son had commented awhile back that Shawn looks like a (very cute) mouse.

Wyo, terrific boots! I need a pair with longhorn cattle on 'em.

my boots don' have any longhorns on 'em. some longhorn "stuff" maybe...

Thanks, Wyo, but I'll take mine without "stuff."

bali, you ARE a fashion trend-setter.

EMPTY!! ;-(

but it's a good thing...so I'm cool. for now!

I am looking forward to the experience, myself. I know it didn't take me too long to adjust after the girlduckling left for college. Then I started savoring the (relative) quiet.

"relative quiet" as in, all the relatives are gone!


I'm lovin' it. I love my kids, but...

g'night all, at my age, 9 PM is late.

have one last one on me.

I, for one, love having my kids home and under my thumb... especially when the grass needs trimmin'.

However, we had our first HS "mixer dance" and I can't seem to get a fruitful answer from him. All one syllable responses. I want THE SCOOP. damnit.... I have the stretchmarks and hemmorhoids, the least I deserve is the gossip and the inside story.

I may hate HS..... ;)

You have much to learn, grasshoppa.

Smoochies, Med. I'll be calling you tomorrow to catch up!

Niters, peeps.

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