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August 27, 2008



(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Now, everyone with me... "Iiiiiiiinnnnn the NAVY!"

My swashes are over-buckled.

Buggery On The High Seas!

"Walk the plank" takes on a whoooooooooole new meaning, huh??


Man the Poop Deck!

ooooh! its nearly talk like a pirate day!! those folks are already practicing. arrrg.

Shiver me timber...

I want to make a reference to "porthole" but I won't.

'arrrr, who's yer master and commander?'
(4 years on the blog today!)

Does anyone have a pirate to English dictionary handy?

They lost me at Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Seriously, what the hell was that all about?

(And for the record, I could always understand Ozzy.... I attribute it to my good hard rock upbringing as a child)

insom? a blogiversary for you?? congrats!

clark, I believe that billboard has gotten some people's pantaloons all in a bunch.


...and it should be noted that The Bunching Pantaloons Could Also BAGNFARB


Well, at least they have their pants on. What a bunch of dirty minds....

Siouxie, you beat me to it (and from the looks of the picture someone else got beat).


(Siouxie, I meant the "NTTAWWT" part.)

Clark - go here ye scurvey bilge rat.

and if anyone (but Mrs. Dread) comes near my poop deck port hole with a canon, they'll get their timbers quite thoroughly shivered.

Braniff, as I am a lady, I won't make a "bung hole" comment either.

*SMACKS* Jeff - better??

Just serving his time before the mast.

Nice cannon!

Could this be the secret pirate's cove?

That is where pirates hide all their gold.

Seamen hide doubloons in their pantaloons? Gives new meaning to 'shipmate.'

yo ho ho ho hoooooooooooooomygawd.

Clark, ye might also try here, matey...

Wow, thanks everybody. Now I know the true meaning of "Bung Hole."

My life is complete...

And no comment about "cannon balls" yet?

"My that's a nice wooden leg you have there, matey"

"Want to see my yardarm?"

"When we get done, you might want to swab the deck"

I got more...

Aye, that's what I call a "Jolly Roger"!!

This is exactly why I never joined the Navy. You can't move on those ships without running into seamen. No interest in getting on a deck either -- always full of seamen. That music video with Cher summed it up for me: She straddled a long cannon and it caused seamen to get everywhere.

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