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August 30, 2008


They fear being attacked by predators.


(Thanks to jazzieb)


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Careful - suede is dry-clean only.

I swear that looks like the collar they put on my cat to keep him from licking his stitches.

Hey Wyo, I'm guessing that AIN'T a cow...

Jus' me...


I've heard of cow-tipping, which might have the same result.

Siouxie! Hunker, hunker, hunker.


You ARE NOT TALKING "hunker, hunker, burnin' love?" are you? Otherwise, GET OFF THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what ever happened to the out-lawnmowers that were supposed to be taking care of this kind of dirty business?

but chuck norris could easily take that piece of laundromat metal and with his round-house kick make a barbed wire fence that could hold in every cow/bull/steer in the united states until the end of time.

Welcome back, Dave!! I see you've brought a couple of friends with you. Gustav & Hannah are NOT welcomed.

Jolly, I'm all ready to hunker. Butt first, it's off to see men in kilts tonight with my blog buds (and some non-blog ones).

the media are always spinning something. good luck out there hurricane non-fans.

But is the cow facing north???

She looks familiar..... Well, part of her anyway..

Siouxie, this wouldn't happen to have something to do with Kiltday, would it??

That looks like a Cowbell, to me.

Y'know, I'd get it if that were a dryer drum. But a washer drum? That's udderly ridiculous.

Don't cry over spin cycled milk...

Someone has to say it:

The cow was quite agitated.

hey Ducky!!! I tried to email you a couple of weeks ago, but kept getting returned. Can you drop me a line so I can copy the address ?? miss ya kiddo

Hi Jazzzzie! So sorry I missed your mail--I've missed talking with you! CYE.

That's happened to me. I think, anyway. Tequila was involved.

cowhand, tequila is the mother of so many interesting scenarios.

None I care to mention, of course.

It needs more cowbell.


LTNS Suz!!! Glad to see you made it home safely ;-)

(I'm uploading the pics now and will send 'em soon)

Sioux, can I see the pics of the kilt-y boys, too? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze?

Sureeeeee, bali. I just sent them out. LOL it was a lot of fun.

Sioux, are you skeert of the hurricane?

Sioux, are you skeert of the hurricane?

Stoopid bot.

(judi, cye!)

Toward the end of the ordeal, the bovine was heard to say, "My head is spinning!"

bali, not yet...so far Gustav is probably heading towards LA. I'll be hunkerin' soon though.

No comments on pointy ball today, the first day of college pointy ball season?

My team (Cal Bears) won. Last time I checked, ExMatt's team Clemson was losing.

*milk shake*

Jan, my team, Oklahoma State, did mighty fine, as well. Bring on the helbamuts and shouldermapads.

*Flaps in for a moment*

My UT Longhorns won!

That story is of only slightly more importance than Gustav, which could seriously affect the Texas coast if its trajectory changes a little bit to the west. Even if it doesn't, a good part of Texas should still get a bunch of rain out of Gustav as it heads inland. Unless it changes course, of course.

Med, looking forward to hopefully meeting you at the Hunt in October. And cheering teams on. My pro teams both stink, so I am happy to follow one of our college teams.

I'm doing a cross country trip from North Dakota and meeting up with bloglits along the way to Miami. But you are in Florida somewhere already, right?

bwahahahahahaha! (siouxie)

No. Kansas City.

Bulletin: My Son's HS is being broadcast live on ESPN tomorrow @ 11 cst, football game. Very cool.

The even cooler part is he chose to go to the lake for his cousin's 6th birthday party over going to the game. He told me, "I am a 'man for others' and my family comes first, after God." Holy cow. What's in this Midwestern water? I likes it.

Looks like Siouxie will escape this one.

pssst ladies...boys men in kilts on the next thread!

yeah, Jan and I am so glad we are. I feel horrible for the people in NO.

Me too, Sioux. They have had more than their share of pain (not to mention water and high winds) for awhile. Some days, I miss the ocean. Some days, I am thankful to live inland.

Med, your son sounds wise beyond his years. A big hug and a gold star for him! You must be very proud.

BTW, the girlduckling is flying from Portland back to Houston on Monday. She has to change planes in KC, and if the weather is bad in Houston, she may just get to stay in your city for awhile. You'll have to let me know the best BBQ place to tell her about, if that happens.

Too late for men in kilts for me. I'll save them for tomorrow.

Nighty-night, y'all. Sweet dreams!

Niter, Duckness!!!!

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