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August 21, 2008


(Thanks to Jan Anderson)

Update: Janice Gelb sends this version, including this:

The gnome, about a foot tall, wore a hat, a blue shirt over a bulging stomach and a wide grin as it sat on a table in open court throughout the two-day trial. Morrison and the weapon were separated by about 2 feet of table, with the gnome facing the defendant.


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What has this done to Travelocity™ stock?

Now that's reporting!

Eeeeeew, Gnomes! Hate 'em! They can sneak into places your washcloth hasn't been.

*does daily PGC (perimeter Gnome check)*

Another breakthrough in the Human/G-nome project.

Blue shirt? Hmmmm.

i wouldnt have recognized that gnome without the description.

A foot-tall cement gnome weighs only 2 pounds? Who knew?

Now then, we'll have none of that in court...!

Now come on yall....who here hasn't thrown a gnome in frustration as you were tripping out of the house?

I know I have.

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to court we go...

He got confused and thought it was a dwarf.

Perhaps Gnome-flinging can replace softball in the next Olympics.

And it happened on February 14th, too.

"Will you be my Valentine?"


"Guess not..."

It's fairly common to transpose syllables and misquote things randomly when drunk and then follow the words when spoken in one's head. For instance: "Hair's no place like gnome." Clearly he was confused but had the girl's best interest at heart when he hurled the gnome at her hairy head.

Not guilty.

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